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Hiring Nurses? Fill Those Positions Faster with Interviewing Technology

Experienced nurses are in high demand, putting pressure on healthcare recruiters to increase speed-to-hire and efficiency. To make strong hires though, recruiters must also create a quality hiring experience. Interviewing technology is a proven strategy for balancing speed, efficiency and a better candidate experience in hiring nurses. A Complex Hiring Challenge The number of registered... read more

Quell Concerns About Phishing with Purpose-Built Video Interview Tech

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Online video interview tech call platforms like Skype have become the latest tool for online swindles. Scammers have started using fake online job interviews as a way to obtain personal information for nefarious purposes, including identify theft. Gerri Walsh, Senior Vice President of Investor Education for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) outlined the threat... read more

The Ways Recruiters Win Through Integrated Tech

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Video and voice interviewing gets recruiters excited because it helps them gain back 30% of their time each day. You know what can make it even better for recruiters? Having the technology integrated into the applicant tracking system. It takes efficiency to another level. Clients work successfully with Montage in both an integrated and non-integrated... read more

Montage’s New Approach to Training Makes the News

Montage’s new approach to training made the news recently in an online story at Small Business Trends. We introduced our new training format at the end of February, shifting from 90-minute sessions to shorter, more digestible sessions. The new format makes it easier for recruiters to retain the knowledge learned and to see ways they can... read more

Recognize Your Team Players with Video Interviewing

According to NACE’s Job Outlook 2015 survey, employers want candidates who can solve problems, organize their work and communicate effectively. These findings may come as no surprise to people with experience in the world of work, and the same trend continues today. However, here is some news from this research: Employers said that the most important skill for candidates to have is... read more

Pushing Boundaries and Borders with Global Reach

When you get the word that your organization is exploring business options outside the U.S., the news may seem like a double-edged sword. Global expansion often signals enterprise strength, but the day-to-day details of hiring across borders can be daunting. For many of Montage’s global clients, a purpose-built video interviewing solution is an essential. It stretches the... read more

Purpose-Built: Choose the Right Solution for the Problem

As video interviewing gains more traction in hiring and talent acquisition, there is an increasingly-definitive line between video conference chat tools (like Skype, Zoom, etc.) and a purpose-built video interviewing solution for hiring (like Montage).  This line can often be blurred since some of the technologies are relatively new.  I want to give you a clear definition... read more