The traditional hiring experience wasn’t built for the modern candidate who lives in a digital age. Today’s hiring should be fast, easy and transparent. It should reflect the experiences and technology that candidates use every day. A better candidate experience meets the expectations of the modern candidate.

In the age of the candidate, Montage’s candidate experience is the answer to accelerate outstanding quality hires. As the pioneer of purpose-built video interviewing, our platform is designed to transform the hiring experience for large, global enterprises. Montage is the single solution to engage, interview and hire better candidates, faster.

The Better Candidate Experience

The modern candidate has high expectations. They want a hiring experience that’s high-tech, but also high-touch and personal. Don’t keep them hanging in limbo, or they’re likely to move on. With Montage, you can build a better candidate experience that engages top talent and sets you apart from the rest.

Montage is the Single Solution

modern candidate

Demonstrated Client Success

Our success is defined by our clients’ success. We work with each and every client, at every stage of their transformation. Our commitment to outstanding service helps drive outstanding results for our clients:


of candidates feel better represented


Increased recruiter efficiency


Reduction in interview to-hire ratio


New Year, New Job

It’s that goal-setting time of the year again, and “find a new job” tops the New Year’s resolution list for many. For organizations in hiring mode, the question is, will your candidate experience help you pull in and hire top talent?

Does your candidate experience cut it?

New Year, New Job. Does Your Candidate Experience Cut It?

by , on January 8, 2018

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