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7 Cool Ways to Keep Your Candidates Warm Over the Holidays

Tis the season! The holidays are usually about disconnecting from work and partaking in family tradition. While you’re focused on reaching top talent, your candidates are thinking of ways they can connect with their friends and family. Not to mention, many have pushed off job search activities until after the holidays or their year-end vesting or bonuses.

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4 Best Practices to Boost Your ChatBot Value

It’s an exciting time in the HR tech space, as artificial intelligence (AI) finds a place and purpose in talent acquisition. When used correctly, chatbots offer countless operational and strategic benefits in hiring. Are you looking to introduce AI into your recruiting process? Follow these best practices and you’ll be set up for success!

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Are You Ready to Engage with Gen Z Candidates?

Just when you’ve got a handle on a hiring process that speaks to Millennials, it’s time to revisit your perceptions and expectations about the modern candidate. In 2018, the youngest candidates to enter the workforce (ages 18 to 22) will be part of Gen Z, a cohort that represents 25% of the U.S. population. Gen Z is even larger than the Millennial generation and more diverse.

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3 Things Candidates Want, but Won't Tell You

New technologies are shaping the way we communicate today – they’re also shaping our expectations for those interactions. As consumers, we’ve come to expect the fast, simple purchasing experiences. This is, of course, made possible by online tools, mobile-first design, and social selling. New HR technologies are playing a vital role as TA leaders try to understand how to match their candidate experience to the demands and expectations of the modern candidate.

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Be More Intentional: 5 Tips for Better-Fit Hiring

The reality of sourcing today? You can’t wait for the right candidates to come to you. In the current talent shortage, candidates have all the power and you have to be intentional in order to grab their attention. Though TA teams are often inundated by a high volume of applicants, the best-fit talent may not be easily recognized, or even in that pool at all.

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Does Your Budget Solve These Four TA Challenges?

It’s no secret that the traditional hiring process is broken. We are lucky to live in an era where we have technology at our fingertips to help. In fact, it’s overwhelming how many different technologies are available, each claiming to solve different problems. Competing needs are a constant issue in HR budgeting. How do you prioritize where to invest in 2018?

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Brown-Forman Shares Their Secret for a 2017 CandE Award Win

2017 marked Brown-Forman’s first entry into TalentBoard’s Candidate Experience Awards and Benchmarking Program – and its first win. The American-owned global spirits company was the top-rated company, earning the highest positive candidate experience ratings. Brown-Forman employs more than 4,700 people worldwide, with about 1,300 located in Louisville. On average, 4,000 candidates go through its hiring process in the U.S each year.

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Getting Real: The Age of the Candidate & HR Tech 2017

HR Tech assembled over 400 technology providers under one roof last week in Las Vegas. Each provider trying to stand out and create their unique take in the market. Perhaps even more remarkable though, was the breadth of unification under a single theme: The Age of the Candidate. We’ve all been talking about this shift from company to candidate for several years now. Technology providers need to find the balance between offering an engaging candidate experience and driving efficiency in the hiring process.

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8 Steps for Surviving a Busy Hiring Season

Q4 is a demanding hiring season, and not just for companies that need extra help for the holidays. As year-end looms, many TA teams are up against deadlines as organizations open new locations or add new functions that satisfy business objectives. Unfortunately, fall hiring can be even more challenging than usual. Annual bonuses, vesting requirements, and the general busyness of the holidays all keep many candidates from changing jobs.

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Text-Based Mobile Interviewing Drives Faster Candidate Engagement

Use of text-based technology is soaring as companies realize the power of text to reach potential job candidates and consumers. Research indicates 98% of text messages are opened, and 90% are read within the first few seconds. For talent acquisition leaders, text-based interviewing’s capability to drive faster, richer candidate engagement can’t be matched by other technologies, making it one of the most effective strategies in mobile hiring today. 

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