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De-Clutter Your Time for Better Recruiting This Spring

If a good spring cleaning puts energy back into your step, try applying it at work, too. When times are busy we all tend to let things like filing, organization and other non-urgent tasks go. Inefficiencies may also have crept into your recruiting process while you focused on meeting emergency deadlines.  Now, while the urge to purge is strongest, make time to straighten up – your recruiting results will be better for it.

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Is Your Recruiting Team Taxed Out?

Spring is supposed to be a season of renewed optimism and energy, so why are your recruiters dragging? It’s not Tax Day getting them down but more likely the end of the first quarter. During the March/April transition, many people feel burned out after they’ve started the year strong and put huge effort into meeting Q1 goals.

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Is Your Campus Recruiting a Bit of March Madness?

For college recruiters, the month of March isn’t about basketball playoffs. You’re either in the midst of intense recruiting campaigns or just wrapping those up. You probably haven’t even watched your shows in weeks. Every campus visit requires huge amounts of prep time to get the most from the hours you actually spend on site, yet time is typically in short supply for recruiters. Getting your pre-visit process more organized and using it consistently can help you become more efficient.

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Define Yourself as a Leader with Your Personal Brand

As talent acquisition and human capital management continue to grow more complex, there’s opportunity for HR professionals to redefine their role as leaders within their organizations. Making that shift is definitely top-of-mind: According to SHRM’s Business and Human Capital Challenges report, 44% of HR professionals say their greatest challenge is moving HR from a transactional to transformational position.

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Aiming for a More Diverse Workforce?  Don't Leave It to Luck

Increasing workforce diversity is a recognized strategy that can help make a company best-in-class. Rarely is this goal achieved by luck, though. To have people of all identities and backgrounds represented in your workplace, the talent acquisition process has to strive purposefully toward that goal. Getting a baseline measure of demographics within your organization, and setting goals for change, are two of the first steps you can take. Then, look for ways to bring diversity into your hiring process. Here are a few suggestions: 

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Focus on Partnerships to Get More from Campus Recruiting

As campus recruiting campaigns wind down, it’s time to examine results against goal. If your team’s been making the rounds, you already know recruiting competition on campus is tougher than ever. In fact, a recent Forbes article points to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest unemployment rate for college grads of 2.5%, a figure that contradicts media stories of widespread under- or unemployment for those with a college degree. And, new employees sourced from colleges and universities remain gold: Nearly 70% of campus hires stay with their employer for five years, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).
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Latest CandE Research Part III: Video Interviewing is a Top 5 Recruiting Tech Investment

Research into recruiting processes wouldn’t be complete without questions about technology, and Talent Board doesn’t disappoint. In its latest candidate experience research report Talent Board comments, “Technology continues to play a significant role in helping companies streamline the interview and selection process.” It goes on to reveal that among the 240 employers participating in the research, video interviewing is a Top 5 recruiting technology investment in 2016/2017. And, 67% of these employers already have a video interviewing platform on board. 

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Latest CandE Research Part II:       What Candidates Want

Talent Board may not have a crystal ball for the future of talent acquisition, but it certainly has the next best thing: Data from more than 183,000 candidates on their job search experience. Now into its fifth year of reporting, Talent Board’s CandE awards and benchmarking program is all about helping businesses evaluate and improve their candidate experience. This immense research and evaluation effort has spurred hiring process change in companies worldwide. Montage is proud to be a sponsor.

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Latest CandE Research: 240+ Employers Weigh in on Recruiting

Talent Board’s most recent candidate experience research is out, and with more than 240 North American employers and 183,000+ job seekers weighing in, it’s worth the read.  Talent Board started its CandE awards and benchmarking program about five years ago to help organizations elevate their candidate experience. Since then, as participation has grown, its value to companies and its positive influence on talent acquisition and recruiting practices has skyrocketed. Montage is proud to be counted as a CandE sponsor.

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Montage Webinar Helps TA Leaders Collaborate with Hiring Managers

Could your hiring manager be the reason your top candidate just declined your job offer? Absolutely. In research commissioned by Montage with 200 active job seekers, 32% indicated they declined a job offer within the past six months primarily because of the hiring experience itself. It takes skill and experience to deliver a great candidate experience during an interview, and not all hiring managers are up to speed in this area.

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