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What is Automated Recruiting?

automated recruiting

Recruiters may find it hard to keep pace with high candidate volume and the speed of business today if they’re still using a traditional approach to talent acquisition. Automated recruiting brings TA into the digital age with technology that enables faster, smarter, better hiring. Solutions like purpose-built interviewing software are proven to increase recruiter efficiency... read more

Will Technology Solve Your Hiring Challenges? 5 Ways to Tell

technology solves hiring challenges

The end of the year is approaching, it’s time to explore your priorities for 2019. If you’re aiming to elevate hiring performance in today’s hyper-competitive market, hiring technology could be your solution to your hiring challenges. Will the investment drive the results you need? Here are five ways to tell. 1. Are your recruiters overwhelmed?... read more

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Candidate Experience

AI in Hiring

Artificial intelligence is changing a lot about the way we work and live in the modern world, including the way TA teams hire and the candidate experience. Not everyone agrees on how to use AI in hiring though, especially when it influences the way people interact.  For TA professionals, the challenge is selecting and implementing... read more

What’s Your Recruiting Superpower?

Recruiting Superpower

You may not wear a cape or carry a shield at work every day, but make no mistake – recruiters are the superheroes of their organization. Like milder-mannered Avengers, recruiters are able to withstand crushing workloads and bring distracted hiring managers into line. You’re saving candidates daily from a poor hiring experience, so you must... read more

What is Automated Scheduling Software and Why do Recruiters Need It?

Automated Scheduling

Scheduling candidate interviews is an essential recruiting function. However, balancing candidate schedules with interview team availability can eat up a lot of a recruiter’s day. Organizations of all sizes are turning to automated scheduling software to handle this administrative task more efficiently. How Automated Scheduling Software Works Several types of technologies perform automated scheduling in... read more