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With Video Interviews, One Size Doesn’t Fit All


All over the world, at all hours of every day, job seekers are participating in video interviews. The technology has spread widely as TA leaders recognize it improves their candidate experience and accelerates quality hires. But, here’s a little secret: Video interviews aren’t always the right choice. TA Leaders and Recruiters Have Options Video interviewing... read more

What is a One-Way Interview?

One-Way Interviewing

The term one-way interview describes a new interview method enabled by technology. Employers use one-way interviews to accelerate the hiring process, improve recruiter efficiency and engage candidates with a convenient, flexible interaction. They are also called on-demand or pre-recorded interviews. How One-Way Interviews Work One-way interviews allow candidates to record their responses to a short... read more

The Simple Guide to Recruiting Interns

Spring is the time for recruiting interns aka soon-to-be college graduates, but it’s also the time when most college students are searching for summer internships. According to NACE’s 2017 Internship & Co-op Survey, internships and co-ops are on the rise. More and more companies are seeing the value of internships: 75% of employers with internships surveyed... read more