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Purpose-built for transforming the hiring experience.

profile_recruiter_color-1Our video and voice interviewing platform was built for you. As the end user of our software, Montage is constantly checking in on our clients, specifically the recruiters who create, conduct and evaluate interviews each day. Our technology reclaims 30% of your day. It makes you a better recruiter. And it helps you collaborate more successfully with your hiring manager. When you choose Montage, we make certain the recruiter wins. How?

  • Fun Factor. Most new technology sits on the shelf. But Montage is actually fun to use. The initial "wow" from candidates and hiring managers makes recruiters want to use it and share the experience with others.
  • Get Your Life Back. Interviewing on-demand creates speed and flexibility. Use Montage for both voice and video interviewing on-demand, giving recruiters hours of time back into their day. As one client stated, “We screen while we sleep!” Isolate those who really stand out quickly. Bring the right people together to video interview faster than before.
  • Play Matchmaker. Getting to know people is a natural skill for most recruiters. Technology enhances and speeds up the getting-to-know you part. After all, recruiters have to be ready to share and sell the organization, too. Today’s environment is much more two-way than ever. Screen and be screened so both sides can make a hiring match.
  • Track Feedback. Recruiters need feedback - quickly - to capture top talent and bring on new hires at the pace demanded by the organization. Montage delivers visibility into that feedback loop like never before.
  • I Get You/You Get Me. The better the communication between recruiter and hiring manager, the better the new hire and the overall hiring efficiency. With Montage, communication improves even when (or especially when) the two are not located together. Using Montage for meetings is a great way to connect before, during, and after the hire. 
  • Be Innovative. We know the quality of the hiring process matters to candidates. 82.5% of job seekers stated that their decision to join a company is influenced by the quality of the hiring process. And, we know that job candidates who complete their experience with Montage enjoy it and think the employer is innovative. That helps your employer brand and your ability to secure top talent.
  • Thorough Preparation. Change is difficult, even with fun technology. We embrace that challenge head on with professional onboarding and implementation programs that train, excite, and set all users up for success.

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The greatest value Montage brings to Experis is speed while ensuring quality. Montage provides a solution that closes the gap from the time we receive a client need to confirming the right consultant for the position.”  - Experis Strategic Accounts, a division of ManpowerGroup


I’m technologically challenged, so honestly I wasn’t looking forward to this process, but now that I’ve done it – oh my goodness – I’m in love!”  - Humana Corporate Recruiter