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Leverage The Power Of Video

Live & On-Demand Video Interviewing

Our video solutions can help you minimize travel, showcase your employer brand, engage candidates and accelerate your hiring. On-demand video interviewing offers candidates the convenience of completing the interview on their schedule, while putting their best self forward. Use live video interviewing to expand your recruiting reach, accommodate hectic schedules and minimize candidate travel costs.


Streamline Hiring With Voice

Live & On-Demand Voice Interviewing

While phone interviews remain a key part of many hiring processes, they can be time consuming. Live voice interviewing through Montage gives recruiters a way to schedule, administer, rate, record and share phone interviews effortlessly. On-demand voice interviewing provides an efficient way to screen candidates for skills, with all the benefits of the Montage platform.


The Montage Platform Advantage:

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Engage candidates faster
  • Superior candidate experience
  • Increase recruiter efficiency
  • Immediate time to benefit
  • Improve quality of hire
  • Elevate your employer brand
  • R.O.I. of 5-10x
  • Global reach and support

Eliminate Scheduling Challenges

with Montage Event Manager

Between phone tag and the complexities of managing multiple calendars, scheduling interviews can be one of the most time-consuming elements in a recruiter's day. Montage Event Manager helps to eliminate these challenges by automating the scheduling of live video, voice, and in-person interviews.
Recruitment leaders choose Montage for video interviewing and voice interviewing to create a hiring advantage. Our clients recognize the advantages of interviewing technology purpose-built for hiring.
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Add Personality To Your Interviews

with Montage Assessments

When making hiring decisions, recruiters need to consider skills and expertise, along with how candidates will fit the organization and culture. Montage’s Visual Personality Assessments make this seamless and easy. Candidates complete these mobile-friendly assessments in minutes.