Montage Interviewing Platform

Montage's interviewing platform is the single solution to engage, interview and hire better candidates, faster.

Our interviewing software is purpose-built for the complexities of large enterprise hiring.

The Single Solution

On-Demand Interviewing

Montage's on-demand interviewing platform allows candidates to complete interviews on their own time - empowering candidates to put their best foot forward.

Interviewing software from Montage simplifies the screening process for busy recruiters. Configure your interview according to each job's requirements and skills. Flexible for both candidates and recruiters, you can share top candidates with hiring managers in record time.

On-Demand Text Interviewing

On-Demand Text

Quickly connect and engage candidates with text interviewing, using technology they already have in their hand.

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On-Demand Voice Interviewing

On-Demand Voice

Automate your phone interviews. Candidates answer your pre-recorded questions via phone.

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On-Demand Video Interviewing

On-Demand Video

Empower candidates to complete a video interview on their own time, by recording answers to your job-specific questions.

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On-Demand Hiring Assessments


Leverage industry-leading and proven hiring assessments to accelerate quality hires.

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Live Video Interviewing

Utilize our live interview software to quickly and effectively engage the modern candidate while increasing recruiter efficiency. See candidates and engage in face-to-face conversations much earlier in the hiring process.

Live Interviewing

Automated Scheduling


Montage automates scheduling and dramatically reduces the time spent coordinating interviews.

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Live Voice Interviewing

Live Voice

Montage's live voice interviewing increases recruiter efficiency and collaboration between the hiring teams.

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Live Video Interviewing

Live Video

Live video interviewing provides face to face, real-time interaction or conversation with candidates.

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In-Person Interviewing


Improve your quality of hire and collaboration between hiring teams using Montage in-person interviews.

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Montage Platform


Our interviewing technology integrates seamlessly with enterprise needs for reliability, scalability, compliance and security while allowing for configurability to suit each organization’s needs:

  • Integrate with all major enterprise ATS systems
  • Sync with major calendaring solutions
  • Partner assessments are a built in-app for a consistent experience
  • Configurable options based on job types (hourly, professional) and families (IT, Finance, Sales, etc.)

Data Security

Montage delivers enterprise-grade data security using state-of-the-art SOC audited and ISO certified data centers, and through the implementation of industry-recommended data protection methods. Montage’s security strategy includes the use of secure system architecture and coding standards, multi-factor authentication, data encryption and real-time monitoring for intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, virus and malware detection, prevention of denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, and more. In addition, our data protection policies comply with a host of global regulatory requirements, including EEO, AA, GDPR, and the Privacy Shield framework. Our interviewing solution ensures data protection and secure communication between candidates and hiring companies at every stage in hiring.   

Hiring Compliance

Use of interviewing technology can strengthen hiring compliance in your organization. Montage’s video interviewing software helps make your process consistent for all candidates by delivering the same question set in the same way, through the same distinctive candidate experience. It also supports hiring compliance through interview record storage and greater transparency.  Whether you’re a Talent Acquisition team of one or 100, interviewing technology provides compliance benefits across the globe.


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