Hiring Across the Enterprise

Flexibility for any hiring process and volume.

Flexibility and configurability. That’s what makes the Montage interviewing technology so valuable with our clients. It works across the enterprise no matter how complex or far-reaching the hiring scenario. Recruiters can create a hiring workflow and experience that fits virtually any hiring situation across the globe.


We’ve designed our technology for the large enterprise with award-winning configurability. Recruiters and hiring managers create candidate-centered screening experiences. Video and voice interviewing contributes toward a workflow specific to each unique job opening:

Through our purpose-built technology, we cater to the world’s largest, most complex companies. Whatever the interview style and workflow, Montage has the technology to manage every aspect from scheduling to gathering feedback.

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Walk up to the building, open the door, enter the waiting room, be professionally greeted and enter the interview. This is what we are able to provide with Montage. This approach plus the [support] services eliminate the candidate fear, and the focus is back, appropriately, on the interview.”
-  Manager of Campus Recruiting, large global media conglomerate    
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