Hiring Solutions that Meet the Expectations of the Modern Candidate

In today’s war for talent, outdated hiring processes are a distinct disadvantage. To meet the expectations of modern candidates, while also accelerating quality hires, you need to bring hiring into the digital age. With technology hiring solutions that engage candidates and ensure a better candidate experience, what can you accomplish?

Elevate Employer Branding

A strong talent brand can attract top talent, but in many companies, the primary focus has been on developing the consumer brand. Implementing interviewing technology into your hiring solution helps you tell your employer brand story through videos, links on your website and employee testimonials. Show off your culture and employer brand in a way that is personal and unique, so candidates can imagine themselves working for you.

Meet Candidate Expectations

Meet Candidate Expectations

In a time when candidates have technology at their fingertips, you need a modern process that shows candidates you are a technology-forward organization. By incorporating different aspects of interview technology such as texting, on-demand video, and self-scheduling into your hiring, you shine the spotlight on the tech-savvy nature of your company. A high-tech, high-touch hiring experience meets candidates’ expectations and indicates that you value their time.

Montage enhances the candidate experience, allowing the team to quickly engage candidates and improve recruiter efficiency.

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Accelerate Quality Hires

Interviewing technology helps you hire better candidates, faster:

  • On-demand interviewing: Candidates complete interviews on their own time while your hiring team efficiently gains and shares insight into candidates earlier in the process, accelerating decision-making and reducing time-to-fill by up to 2 weeks.
  • Live interviewing: Engage candidates and hiring team members in live conversations faster. Use simple digital forms to quickly and easily share feedback with recruiters, increasing collaboration and accelerating hiring.
  • Self-scheduling streamlines the hiring process. Today’s interviewing technology leverages AI, including chatbots, to handle this administrative task. This technology reduces the time it takes to schedule interviews from days to hours so recruiters can focus on building relationships with top talent. Candidates enjoy the high-tech ease of self-scheduling interviews.
Accelerate Quality Hires

Self-scheduling is proven to accelerate quality hires.

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Extend Candidate Reach

To capture the right talent, your recruiters often need to reach beyond the local market. Using social, mobile, on-demand and text interviewing technology within your hiring solution helps recruiters improve engagement through channels candidates are already using. With interviewing technology, you give candidates the ability to take immediate action when they see a position that catches their eye on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a careers site or job board. Candidates can self-schedule a time to talk to a recruiter or complete an on-demand interview on the spot. You cast a wider net and do so in a personal way.

On Demand Video

Smarter Decision Making

Leading employers are using artificial intelligence and applicable science to quickly identify the talent you are seeking matches your ideal profile.

If situational knowledge is key to success (like many healthcare roles), interviewing technology can provide video scenarios and ask a candidate how he/she would respond. Based on criteria that you and a provider set together, you can rate and rank the best candidates so your recruiters are spending time on the right candidates.