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Kurt Heikkinen, President and CEO

Kurt Heikkinen, President and CEOAs president and CEO of Montage, Kurt Heikkinen is responsible for business operations and the overall success and growth of the company. Kurt has a proven track record of leading start-up companies and large enterprises through technology product launches to serve rapidly emerging markets. During his 20-year tenure working with enterprise software within the talent management and SaaS domains, Kurt has held senior executive positions at PeopleSoft, Inc., where he helped grow the company from $50 million to more than $1 billion in annual revenue; Evolve, Inc., where he was instrumental in raising $45 million in funding and taking the company public; and Metavante. Kurt earned his BS in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Q&A with Kurt

Q: How does Montage approach the market differently?
A: We are focused on delivering a hiring advantage to our clients through superior technology and support. Our solutions and partnership approach target those areas where we can offer the greatest value to our clients and partners while complementing their vision and their investments in other technologies.

This means offering highly configurable applications that seamlessly integrate within their existing workflow, and providing the best candidate experience and support in the industry to ensure our clients’ and partners’ brands shine.

Q. What is the biggest misconception about video interviewing?
A. There is a perception that video is only applicable for high volume and entry level hiring and that it can only be used effectively at specific points in the hiring process. These misconceptions limit an organization’s view of the use cases and diminish the benefits that can be realized. 

With the right solution and approach, hires at all levels are supported from sourcing through on-boarding, and candidates receive as much value and insight as the employer. When that happens, a hiring advantage can be achieved for all positions across the enterprise.

Q. What's your favorite video interviewing story?
A. My favorite story is about a guy using a consumer video tool for an interview who exploited a bad connection to his advantage. According to the article, “The woman on the screen went from animated to frozen in an instant, leaving Billy Fidler scrambling to piece together splintered dialogue. His first Skype interview with a potential employer was off to a bad start… But when his interviewer threw him a curveball, Fidler took advantage of the spotty connection. ‘She asked a question that I had no idea how to answer, so I froze my face for about four seconds,’ he recalled, during a recent phone interview. ‘She was, like, ‘Billy? Billy are you there?’ and then I unfroze after I had time to think’.” 

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