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How Montage Helps Anheuser-Busch InBev Create an Innovative Candidate Experience

Milena Gashkevich, Global Director of Talent Attraction for Anheuser-Busch InBev, discusses how Montage provides a superior candidate experience that appeals to today's undergraduate and MBA graduates.   

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I’m Milena Gashkevich. I am the global director of talent attraction for Anheuser-Busch InBev.

So, for us, it's definitely the candidate experience. So we have a very standardized process for both our undergraduate and our MBA program. So as part of that screening process today, we have a phone interview or we're on campus. So Montage is one of those ways that we thought it would be great to still keep the candidate experience, still feel like we're present on campus but not necessarily have to be on campus all the time. And then at the same time, also from a candidate experience, just giving that generation something new and a little bit more innovative than just your typical interview over the phone scheduled at a certain time and all of those kinds of things.

We definitely love that it will give us the right opportunities. So when we are scaling down in certain countries where we can't be on campus from a budget perspective, flying and all those things, we can still have a good presence through Montage.

So definitely we are very innovative. We are very entrepreneurial. So I think anything that goes beyond the very status quo and standard interview process and being a little bit more innovative and competitive in that space to highlight who we are, even through the actual interview process, helps the candidate to see that we are a little bit different than the competition. So I think, for us, using Montage is a little bit of a differentiator in that sense. And then even thinking further down the line, how can we leverage Montage to show our leaders or our brand ambassadors to be part of that interview process, so whether they're the ones asking the questions or they're on the videos. But really being authentic to our culture and driving that innovation is something that is very important to us.

Yeah. I mean, I think it's just a great platform. I think there's so much different technology out there now, and I think we all, from an HR perspective, have to do a lot more in that technology space. So I think video interviewing is kind of very basic but we've got to get that foundation. We've got to stay ahead of it. Otherwise there's just so many more technologies that we need to grab. And as the HR partners to the business, we have to be much more focused on what the candidate experience is. Just like we treat consumers with that consumer experience, we have to do the same from a candidate perspective.

So I think, for us…of course there's so many different types of platforms and different tools to use for the video interviewing. I do think it was the ease of the partnership and the actual work, the partnership and them helping us along the journey. So we didn't have it all figured out, and we didn't know how we were going to implement it or how we were going to use it. We had the concept and the idea that we wanted to, but having the Montage team there to support us and really create something alongside with us, not just say, "This is a tool. This is how you use it. Go use it," but much more, "We'll help you implement it. Yes, you are very geographically dispersed, so we’ve got six different geographies across the world.” The Montage team will help us in that technology aspect across every single zone to make that come to life. So they’re not just giving us a solution and letting us do it on our own, but really partnering with us to help that solution happen and come to life in every zone with its own technology challenges, with its own language challenges, but the Montage team kind of is there to support us through that journey.

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