How Montage Stays Ahead of the Curve for Its Clients

How Montage Stays Ahead of the Curve for Its Clients

by Montage Talent on July 26, 2016

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 Our strategy for keeping our clients ahead of the curve in hiring is not a secret – in fact our clients have an essential role in our ongoing innovation.

If I had to pick the single question we hear most often at Montage, it would be this: “How do you come up with your new features and enhancements?” It’s on the minds of people at trade shows, it’s a consistent question in RFPs, and sometimes our clients ask it too. The question is really no surprise since we’ve built a solid reputation for innovation in the video interviewing space. And, twice we’ve earned a TekTonic Award for our disruptive technology.  Our strategy for keeping our clients ahead of the curve in hiring is not a secret – in fact our clients have an essential role in our ongoing innovation.

Our Version of Partnership: Solve Problems, Anticipate Needs

Like many in video interviewing, we continue to evolve our purpose-built platform. However, we’re not after the bells and whistles. Instead, we’re always focused on new functionality and enhancements that will help us be a true partner to our clients, helping them solve problems and anticipating their needs. Some product innovation is done in collaboration with one or several clients. We listen to understand their challenges, then build functionality or a new configurable feature that addresses their needs.

Our product development team is also continually examining trends and issues in the world of hiring to anticipate our clients’ priorities for the future, and exploring ways we can enhance our online interviewing technology so clients are better positioned to win in talent acquisition.  In addition, our support team is working 24/7 with clients and candidates around the globe, listening for any repeat sticking points as they interact with our software, and for opportunities to innovate.

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Growing Tech Organically

Cultivation of information from clients and our product and support teams is integral to our clear vision for leadership in the video interviewing space.  We rely on this input and feedback to grow our technology from within rather than acquiring it in bits and pieces like other companies in the space sometimes do. By growing our software organically, we ensure all of the parts work smoothly together, and that no new feature or enhancement is launched before being vetted thoroughly for client and candidate use.

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Case in Point: Enhancements to Self-Scheduling

The recent launch of Montage Event Manager, previously termed our self-scheduling feature, is a good example of our product innovation process at work. When first introduced about a year ago, the candidate self-scheduling feature was a major breakthrough for staffing solutions. The feature saved recruiters much of the administrative time required to set up and confirm interviews. It also enhanced the experience for candidates by allowing them to quickly and easily select an interview time that fits best with their schedule. Since then, we’ve watched our clients use the feature, and sought out ideas for making it even more efficient. We’ve also seen an increase in the importance of the candidate experience.  Armed with this information, we’ve enhanced the feature to better accommodate clients and candidates in several ways:

  • The name change to “Event Manager” corresponds with the new capability for recruiters to manage multiple hiring events and tasks in one place;
  • A new auto-email reminds candidates who haven’t yet selected their time slot to do so in time for the interview date;
  • Recruiters gain greater flexibility: They can specify roles or titlesrequired for an interview rather than individuals. Then, our software looks across calendars to fill interview slots using anyone from the hiring team. If the recruiter sees a bottleneck, he or she can then add resources to roles or titles specified, opening up more interview slots.
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  • Recruiters also gain flexibility with more than one team of interviewers, as the enhanced feature can handle multiple interviews taking place at the same time with different teams of interviewers.

The best way to understand the potential of these enhancements is to see them in action.  Contact us for a live demo of Montage’s purpose-built software, the most mature video and voice interviewing solution available today.


As Montage’s VP of Product, Tom Boyle is responsible for product marketing and strategy, enhancing the product vision and driving the road map forward. Tom has consulted with hundreds of enterprise organizations about their unique Talent Management strategies. He is a regular contributor to industry magazines and blogs, including HR Bartender, the Ladders, ERE and Forbes.  Reach Tom at