When it Comes to Digital Interviews, One Size Doesn’t Fit All


All over the world, at all hours of every day, job seekers are participating in digital interviews. The technology has spread widely as TA leaders recognize it improves their candidate experience and accelerates quality hires. But, here’s a little secret: The most common type of digital interview – the live video interview – isn’t always the right choice.

TA Leaders and Recruiters Have Options

Live video interviews are proven to be a high-tech, high-touch solution for engaging candidates. However, today’s advanced interviewing solutions enable candidates to interview via text and voice, too. They also deliver on-demand text, voice and video interviews in addition to the original live video interview. As digital interviews have become more common, technology has evolved to combat the growth. Now, there are times when a text or on-demand interview can deliver a better candidate experience than a live video interview.

Aligning the Candidate Experience to the Role

TA teams recruit in varied ways for jobs across their organization depending on the type of role and job level. They’re using multiple applications within their interviewing solution to tailor their candidate experience to the specific job while also creating a highly efficient workflow. They know that if you ask more of modern candidates than they’re willing to give in a hiring process, they’re likely to opt out. They may go to a competitor or to another job that’s asking for effort more in line with the position they seek. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, innovative TA teams vary their use of interviewing technology to create a hiring experience that’s quick, easy and comfortable for candidates, and that mirrors the type of position they’re trying to win.

Here are just a few of the ways companies have refined their use of advanced interviewing technology:

Call Center Representatives – How CSRs sound over the phone is vital, so companies are using on-demand voice interviews to get a better sense of candidate fit. For candidates, the on-demand element makes interviewing more convenient and speeds the process along, so their wait time between application and interview is shorter. And, they’re able to show off the skills which may land them a job offer.

Registered Nurses – With varied shifts and long hours, scheduling a live interview can delay the hiring process for RN candidates. Healthcare employers are using on-demand video interviews to engage RNs candidates faster with a hiring process that flexes to their schedule. RNs can present their qualifications and learn more about the job opportunity; hiring managers can review their candidates’ bedside manner on their smartphone when they have downtime on the floor.

College Intern Requirements such as a driver’s license or ability to work weekends or nights over the summer may take some college intern candidates out of the running. TA teams are using on-demand text interviews to engage large numbers of student candidates in a pre-interview step that lets candidates know right away if they will be considered. For students, the on-demand text interview is a fast, simple way to find the right internship opportunity.

In some cases, a live video still is the right fit. Today, it’s one of many options for digital interviews. Strategic TA choose and deploy single-solution platforms that offer all of these interviewing choices in addition to integrated applications like automated scheduling, AI-enabled automated candidate advancement, and hiring assessments. A single-solution platform helps recruiters manage the complexities of enterprise hiring and accelerate quality hires.

In some cases, a live video still is the right fit. Today, it’s not the only strategic option. To see how global organizations and CandE Award-winning TA leaders are using interviewing technology to create a hiring experience that speaks to their candidates, review our client case studies at montagetalent.com/proven-results.


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  • While relying on only video interviews to hire candidates is not a great methodology, combining video interviews with skills and psychometric assessments increases the predictive power of any selection process to ensure you hire right more often. Many organisation use video interviews combined with pre-hire assessments in their screening process to identify the strongest candidates for each role.

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