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Video Interviewing: Telstra, Jetstar & ING Hire Better with Montage

Talent acquisition goals for telecommunications, transportation and financial services are vastly different in nature. So when it comes to hiring, what could three companies who lead these industries in Australia all have in common?

  1. They are leading consumer brands in the Asia-Pac region
  2. They treat their job candidates like customers
  3. They innovate to improve their hiring outcomes

If your answer is “all three,” you are correct. And, there is a fourth point in common too:Asia-Pac video interviewing Telstra, Jetstar and ING have each partnered with Montage for purpose-built video interviewing. What’s interesting is the different ways each company has integrated Montage into their hiring process:

Telstra – Grabbing passive candidates in-store.  Australia’s leading triple-play provider and 14th largest employer enjoys the operational benefits of video interviewing, but counts on Montage for candidate engagement as well. About 40% of Telstra’s 7,500 annual hires are for retail positions. Soon, store visitors interested in working for Telstra will use Montage View – on-demand recorded video interviewing - at in-store kiosks to apply.  The company is already using Montage View and live interview application Montage Interview for its professional hires and college recruiting. The Montage partnership supports Telstra’s strategy to brand itself as a technology company rather than a utility.

Jetstar – Guaranteeing a great application experience. Australia’s 3rd largest airline boasts a stellar employer brand that attracts hundreds, sometimes thousands of candidates for every support staff or customer-facing position.  Because Jetstar regards every candidate as a potential customer, it treats every candidate to a warm welcome and its employment story through Montage View. Montage puts instant, efficient high-volume screening at Jetstar recruiters’ fingertips. Candidates have 24/7 access to live Montage support staff if they need technology help, and most come away with an excellent impression of the airline even if they are not invited to become a flight attendant or baggage handler.

ING – Cherry-picking top college grads. After two less-than-successful tries, financial services leader ING has found a video interviewing partner with solution flexibility and a high candidate adoption rate in Montage. ING relies on Montage Voice – on-demand recorded voice-only interviewing - for all of its college recruitment screening. ING can then tap into the entire suite of Montage video interviewing applications whenever needed.

Video Interviewing with a Truly Global Provider

While the technology for video interviewing lends itself well to global applications, not every video interviewing provider is a global company.  Telstra, Jetstar, ING and other companies leading the Australian market have chosen Montage for its enterprise-strength technology and attention to Asia-Pac business priorities:

  • Candidates and clients have 24/7 live support. All participants across all time zones have identical access to Montage’s toll-free support number, live chat, and email.
  • Montage maintains servers globally. To comply with regional regulations for candidate data security and privacy, Montage has global server presence so candidate data never goes outside of the country in which the candidate is applying.  This presence also ensures that video and sound are always in sync.

Montage takes these steps and others to ensure that we are truly a global partner for clients around the world.

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