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Work Better, Faster, Smarter with Your Hiring Managers [ WEBINAR ]

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At Montage, we talk a lot about making hiring a two-way experience for candidates. After all, we know there’s a strong link between a candidate’s hiring experience and his decision to work at a company. In fact, 32% of job seekers surveyed who declined a job offer in the last six months said they declined the offer primarily because of the hiring experience itself1.

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Coming Home: How to Translate Military Backgrounds into Corporate Success

Dedicated. Mission-focused. Skilled at working in collaborative environments. Your recruiting team is on the lookout for these attributes every day, in nearly every hiring scenario. Have you considered that many in the military share these same attributes?

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Is Social Media Information Ok to Use in Hiring? Here's the Answer.....

“If candidates put their information out on the Internet, can I use it?” It’s a top question for many recruiters and TA professionals.

If you’re looking for a definitive answer, spend an hour with a safe hiring expert during Montage’s free HCI webinar Wednesday, October 19 from 12-1pm EDT.

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Montage Wins Wisconsin Innovation Award

(A handful of Montage's Product Team shown with the Wisconsin Innovation Award)

We recently attended the Wisconsin Innovation Awards ceremony at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s iconic Union Terrace overlooking Lake Mendota on the Madison campus. This was the third annual event, which highlights groundbreaking ideas across the Badger state. The committee received over 180 nominations from a variety of industries. Judges read through every nomination multiple times to narrow it down to 35 finalists, and Montage was one of those finalists. The finalists came from 10 categories including education, biotech, agriculture, health IT software, manufacturing and more. Some of the finalists were small start-ups, others were well-established businesses.

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Are You Doing All You Can to Determine Right Fit?

Personality assessments are old news, right? I mean, 89% of the Fortune 500 use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to evaluate their new hires. They’ve been doing so for years. Personality assessments are even in use in middle schools these days to help teens start to explore their career interests. However, there’s a new and growing application: assessment of job candidates. Business advisory company CEB reports that 62% of human resources professionals are using personality assessments to vet candidates in the hiring process. If your organization doesn’t use pre-hire personality assessments, now may be the time to explore them.  A purpose-built video interviewing solution like Montage’s platform could be your easy entry into this hiring practice.

62% of HR professionals use personality assessments to vet job candidates.

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Montage Wins 2016 TekTonic Award for SMS Text Messaging

At Montage, we’re continually looking to help recruiters balance efficiency with a superior candidate experience. The challenges of high-volume hiring sparked a Montage innovation that’s proven popular with recruiters and candidates alike – our SMS text messaging. It also earned us our second TekTonic Award. At this week’s HRO Today Forum in Chicago, Montage received the 2016 TekTonic
 Award for Talent Management in recognition of innovative product development which embodies disruptive technology. We were also a finalist for our live voice interviewing application. 

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Video Interviewing Helps Office Depot Connect with Candidates

When you are recruiting for everyone from retail store associates to e-commerce experts to finance professionals, figuring how to attract and engage each candidate pool can be a challenge. The Senior Director of Talent Acquisition for Office Depot shared her team’s approach to these challenges at two industry events this year. For the Office Depot team, video interviewing technology has provided a unique point of differentiation to help them attract and engage external candidates, as well as retain and promote their current employees. 


 Video interviewing technology helps the @OfficeDepot TA team attract and engage candidates. 

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Four Reasons Live Voice Interviewing with Montage Rocks

With our latest product release, Montage now has live and on-demand options for both voice and video interviewing. Live voice interviewing takes what is usually a lengthy, ineffective process, and uses technology to streamline it. The result is a more efficient process that improves collaboration and increases speed to hire – and I think it rocks. Here are four reasons why:

Could Your Cat Steal Your Interview Thunder?

We all know the allure of cats doing funny things. I’m not ashamed to say a cat video has transfixed me from time to time, like that cat jumping from the table and missing the window sill? Gold! However, there is a time and place for cats, and your video interview with a potential employer is not one of them.

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Is Scheduling Holding Your Hiring Process Hostage?

Scheduling – sounds simple enough, right? You’re just trying to get people in the same place at the same time. But in reality, the execution is anything but easy. I'm reminded of this challenge every time my friends and I try to get together. Finding a common time among everyone’s activities and commitments is increasingly difficult, and there are always one or two people who aren’t responsive. For as much as we enjoy spending time together, I’m always amazed when we actually get a date on our calendars. 

For today’s recruiters, scheduling interviews is anything but a simple task. In fact, it's an ongoing struggle. In a survey of talent acquisition leaders, Montage found that nearly half of all respondents spend 30 to 60 minutes completing a single phone screen, from scheduling to interviewing to following up. Multiply this by 10 or 20 interviews for each open job, and the time spent adds up quickly.

Playing phone tag with candidates and waiting for schedules to line up can add days to a hiring process. In competitive environments where top candidates are in high demand, recruiters don’t have days to wait. The hiring process can’t come to a screeching halt or even a slowdown because of scheduling.

Now, it doesn't have to. To help eliminate these headaches from the hiring process, Montage recently added self-scheduling to its video interviewing and voice interviewing platform. 

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