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Video Tech Helps Solve Strategic Struggles in Recruiting

ATC will highlight an interesting theme at its 2017 Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney this June: The Humane Recruiter. It’s about recruiters’ pursuit of candidate engagement and a great candidate experience, with technology as a key driver – not a barrier – in this quest. We see this theme validated at Montage every time an... read more

Could a Contingent Worker Earn Your Top Employee Award this Year?

As the percentage of continent workers, freelancers and independent contractors climbs in the U.S., we’re in the midst of a nationwide shift: Employers are becoming more methodical in regarding their non-employees as valuable contributors to organizational goals. How big of a stretch is it in your organization to think a contingent staffer could eclipse your... read more

Define Yourself as a Leader with Your Personal Brand


As talent acquisition and human capital management continue to grow more complex, there’s opportunity for HR professionals to redefine their personal brand as leaders within their organizations. Making that shift is definitely top-of-mind: According to SHRM’s Business and Human Capital Challenges report, 44% of HR professionals say their greatest challenge is moving HR from a transactional to transformational... read more