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Text-Based Mobile Interviewing Drives Faster Candidate Engagement

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Use of text-based mobile interviewing technology is soaring as companies realize the power of text to reach potential job candidates and consumers. Research indicates 98% of text messages are opened, and 90% are read within the first few seconds. For talent acquisition leaders, text-based interviewing’s capability to drive faster, richer candidate engagement can’t be matched by other technologies, making... read more

The Candidate Experience is Still the Answer Today and Every Day

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Eight Montage clients will proudly walk across the stage to accept their Candidate Experience (CandE) awards at TalentBoard’s 2017 North American CandE Symposium & Awards Gala. We send warm congratulations and kudos to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Brown-Forman Inc., Colorado Springs Utilities, Humana, Inc., JetBlue, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Sharp HealthCare and Verizon, for their exceptional commitment to an... read more

3 Steps To Achieving Mobile-Friendly Talent Acquisition

3 Steps to Mobile Friendly TA

Mobile-friendly talent acquisition makes it easy for job seekers to connect with potential employers in a way they are comfortable. Meeting candidates where they are – on mobile devices – is fast becoming a minimum requirement just to be on the field in the war for talent. Keeping up with new recruiting technology is a... read more

The Changing Role of Healthcare Human Resources #ASHHRA17

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The schedule at next month’s American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) conference in Seattle is packed with valuable sessions on every aspect of HR in healthcare. What caught my eye was the theme: The Changing Role of Healthcare Human Resources. There’s no debate that with the constant shifting in patient populations, workforce demographics,... read more

Quell Concerns About Phishing with Purpose-Built Video Interview Tech

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Online video interview tech call platforms like Skype have become the latest tool for online swindles. Scammers have started using fake online job interviews as a way to obtain personal information for nefarious purposes, including identify theft. Gerri Walsh, Senior Vice President of Investor Education for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) outlined the threat... read more

How to Engage Your Entire Organization in Recruiting

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Talent acquisition teams are spread thin these days as we’re asked to do more without additional resources. LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends report indicates organizations plan to increase their hiring while budgets and the size of TA teams remain unchanged. With the expectations of today’s modern candidate for a fast, responsive and personal hiring process, we need... read more

Why and How to Push the Gas Pedal on Your Employee Referrals

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According to new Human Capital Institute (HCI) research sponsored by Montage, 29% of organizations have increased their use of employee referrals in the past year.  Employee referrals are trending up, and I can’t say I’m surprised. Employee networks are an essential source of job candidates for TA teams, especially in challenging recruiting environments. Often, these... read more

Why a Personalized Candidate Experience is a Must

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What Would You Give for a Personalized Candidate Experience? I had the good fortune to see several presentations at HCI’s Strategic Talent Conference the week before last, and here’s one of my takeaways: A positive, personalized candidate experience is much more than a nice-to-have these days. It’s become a strategic investment with measurable business impact. An... read more