Hiring Nurses? Fill Those Positions Faster with Interviewing Technology

Experienced nurses are in high demand, putting pressure on healthcare recruiters to increase speed-to-hire and efficiency. To make strong hires though, recruiters must also create a quality hiring experience. Interviewing technology is a proven strategy for balancing speed, efficiency and a better candidate experience in hiring nurses. A Complex Hiring Challenge The number of registered... read more

Avoid These 4 Candidate Conversation-Stoppers

Candidate Conversations

Here’s a question that may keep you up at night: Why did that great candidate drop out of our hiring process today? Sometimes that answer is clear, like inflated salary expectations, or a candidate simply using your interest as a negotiating point with their current employer. However, sometimes the answer isn’t clear, and if you don’t have... read more

Your Complete Guide to Seasonal Hiring in Retail

Seasonal Retail Hiring

With more than 7,000 store closings in 2017 alone, seasonal hiring in retail for this holiday season promises to be a whole new ball game. Many retailers have new customer service initiatives underway aimed at improving shoppers’ loyalty, while others have started recruiting earlier than ever for seasonal jobs. Last year’s hiring process may leave... read more

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Candidate Experience

AI in Hiring

Artificial intelligence is changing a lot about the way we work and live in the modern world, including the way TA teams hire and the candidate experience. Not everyone agrees on how to use AI in hiring though, especially when it influences the way people interact.  For TA professionals, the challenge is selecting and implementing... read more

Immediate Benefits Experienced with Automated Interview Scheduling

Automated Interview Scheduling Benefits

Automated interview scheduling is the top recruiting technology investment in 2018, in part because it creates immediate time-saving benefits.1 But, not all solutions are created equal. When automated interview scheduling applications are integrated with video interviewing software, they deliver many distinct advantages for both recruiters and candidates: Improves the candidate experience. Automated interview scheduling eliminates... read more

7 Stats That Will Get You Interviewing Online

Interviewing Online

Thinking about adding interviewing technology to your hiring workflow? Though many organizations have already adopted this innovative technology, you’re not alone if you’ve waited to see its impact before making the investment. As interviewing platforms have matured, and HR continues its digital transformation, the time is right to modernize your hiring. The following stats may... read more

4 Pro Moves for Text Recruiting

Tips for Text Recruiting

Looking to ramp up your mobile recruitment? Add text recruiting to your strategy. When you think about it, a large majority of your candidates have smartphones in their hands or pockets. Their attention may be on social media post or a careers website, until they get a text from you. You’re using candidates’ preferred method... read more

How Will You Reach Retail Candidates Faster This Holiday Season?

Retail Hiring

With more than 7,000 store closings in 2017 alone, hiring for this holiday season promises to be a whole new ball game. Retailers are already recruiting for seasonal talent. Those integrating online and in-store purchasing are looking for expanded skills in their customer service hiring. If your hiring process is status quo, competitors may be... read more

What’s Your Recruiting Superpower?

Recruiting Superpower

You may not wear a cape or carry a shield at work every day, but make no mistake – recruiters are the superheroes of their organization. Like milder-mannered Avengers, recruiters are able to withstand crushing workloads and bring distracted hiring managers into line. You’re saving candidates daily from a poor hiring experience, so you must... read more