Building the Better Candidate Experience for College Grads

Candidate Experience for College Grads

In a few short months, nearly 1.8 million new college graduates will flood the talent market. Cultural fit is extremely important to the class of 2018. Here are some simple tips to make sure your brand and culture match your candidate experience for college grads. Boost your employer brand online for a better candidate experience for college grads Students... read more

New Year, New Job. Does Your Candidate Experience Cut It?

It’s that goal-setting time of the year again, and “find a new job” tops the New Year’s resolution list for many. Job searches spike in January, according to, and passive candidates who’ve been sluggish in job searches or waited for an end-of-year bonus are now free to make a move. For organizations in hiring... read more

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Recruiters?

artificial intelligence and recruiters

Within the next few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be deployed in 95% of talent acquisition technology solutions. AI is already being used to automate many of the administrative tasks that consume recruiters’ time, like scheduling, and AI’s functionality is expanding with each passing day. So, will artificial intelligence replace recruiters? Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Recruiters?... read more