About Montage

About Montage and Our Vision


When it comes to next-generation interviewing technology, experience matters. Montage offers the most mature voice and video interviewing solution available, purpose-built to transform the hiring experience one smile at a time. Our proven leadership, clear vision, enterprise-strength technology, and superior support make us the solution of choice for companies pursuing a hiring advantage. And our brand promise - smile - is evident in all of our interactions, from our team to yours.

Why Montage?

  • Proven Leadership: One can’t expect to lead the world into a new era of interviewing and hiring without proven leadership. Our executive team is composed of industry experts who share more than 100 years of human capital management and enterprise software experience. That experience is evident not only in the maturity of our interviewing technology but also in our sophisticated business processes and superior service and support.
  • Enterprise-Strength Technology: We architected our cloud-based software as a service – SaaS – solution from the ground up to serve the most complex needs of the world’s most innovative companies. That takes experience, maturity and a clear sense of purpose and vision.
  • Clear and Compelling Vision: Our voice and video interviewing technology is the manifestation of our vision for changing the hiring experience forever. We are driven by our purpose, to transform the hiring experience, and disciplined in our execution. We are compelled to innovate the entire hiring process using video and voice as a transformative technology.
  • Superior Service and Support: Our clients rely on us to help navigate the move from traditional interviewing to the future of digital interviewing. We pledge to help you at every stage of the transformation, including a support representative on every interview. That’s superior service.

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“I’m technologically challenged, so honestly I wasn’t looking forward to this process, but now that I’ve done it – oh my goodness – I’m in love!” 

Corporate RecruiterHumana

“I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the fresh interview process - it was incredible.  This only solidifies my desire to be part of the Shaw Industries group and HR team!” 

Job Candidate, interviewing with Shaw Industries