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Montage Video Interviewing


Video interviewing, both live and on-demand, creates opportunities for recruiters to connect, engage, and speed along hiring decisions. 

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Montage Voice Interviewing


Voice interviewing through Montage, both live and on-demand, simplifies and speeds up phone interviewing. 

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Montage Purpose Built Difference


Montage is designed specifically for talent acquisition. Learn about the purpose-built difference. 

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Everyone benefits from video interviewing:

Montage Hiring Manager
Montage Recruiter
Montage Candidate
Large Enterprise Hiring

Large Enterprise

Large companies choose Montage for video interviewing. Why? They need the maturity of Montage’s enterprise-strength platform for the variety of hiring challenges they face daily.

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Healthcare Industry Hiring


Healthcare hiring is collaborative and complicated, because every hire matters. And healthcare recruiters know the value of their hiring team's time. Montage is perfectly suited for the healthcare industry.

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RPO Industry Hiring


Your product and service creates excellence in recruiting and delivery. See why the largest, global RPO vendors partner with Montage to accelerate their hiring advantage.

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And that is not all...With over 25,000 job candidates surveyed, we have a great handle on what candidates think of the experience and our clients when it comes to  video interviewing. Read the research.

  • We can utilize this technology to help us to engage and identify a larger number of candidates -- quicker. That helps us with the overall process.— Mark Hartline, Shaw Flooring, Director of Talent Acquisition & HR
  • It's a slick technology. It's easy to use. It's easy to connect candidates to it. It appeals to a younger generation.— Gwyn Bonasoro, Office Depot, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Even though my recruiters are not hands on with the patients, they still feel a great sense of accomplishment by bringing forth the right talent. Montage helps us accomplish that.— Julia Abell, Senior Director of Employment, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center