Voice Interviewing:
Live & On-Demand

On-Demand Voice Interviewing

 An on-demand phone interview works best to reach large volumes of potential candidates through the simplicity and universal access to a phone. When combined with video interviewing we broaden your talent search, hear from candidates quickly, and evaluate verbal communication skills.

Live Voice Interviewing

Phone interviews are a necessary, but time-consuming part of the hiring process. Using Montage's live voice interviewing, recruiters can now schedule, administer, rate, record and share phone interviews effortlessly through one platform, reducing the time to fill positions. 

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Reaching your targeted workforce can be challenging. Voice interviewing extends reach to all demographics, creating flexibility and convenience through readily available phone technology.  With Montage, organizations can reach new audiences by sharing open interview opportunities on social networking sites, billboards, and more. Candidates see the opportunity, then immediately apply directly from their phone: register, record answers to questions via voice or text, or even schedule a live voice interview time with a recruiter. 

social media sources for automated phone interview


Scheduling phone interviews can be time-consuming and inefficient. Montage voice interviewing streamlines this process by providing your recruiters all the scheduling tools they need, including a candidate self-scheduler. Best of all, we integrate with Outlook, Exchange, Google Apps, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and many more.


Whether you’re interviewing live over the phone, or offering more flexibility through on-demand voice interviewing options, Montage provides your users a high-touch, guided experience, ensuring every interview is a differentiator for your organization.



Video interviewing – whether live or on-demand – creates easy sharing across your organization. Advanced collaboration tools make sure you’re sharing what you want with whom. With no need for additional usernames and passwords, collaborating and sharing results with hiring managers, key decision makers and internal stakeholders is easy and seamless.

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