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Test Your Candidate Experience IQ

Candidate Experience IQ

Candidate experience is the top priority for TA leaders this year, but with all of the competing priorities you deal with, how are you really measuring up against modern candidates’ expectations? Take this quick quiz to test your Candidate Experience IQ. When you think about the fact that 35% of the U.S. workforce is under age... read more

Interviewing Techniques for Modern Candidates

interviewing techniques

The interview is still one of the most critical steps in the hiring cycle, but traditional methods don’t get the job done as well anymore. Have you thought about refreshing your interviewing techniques for today’s candidates? It could improve your hiring results. Modernize Your Interviewing Techniques Your interview has considerable impact on your candidates’ decision-making... read more

How Does Interviewing Technology Shape the Candidate Experience?

video interviewing & candidate experience

Global organizations say candidate experience has become their top priority as they seek competitive advantage in today’s challenging talent market.1  The capability of interviewing technology to help companies transform their candidate experience has made it a top-five recruiting technology investment for employers in 2018.2  Making Hiring More Candidate-Centric with Interviewing Technology When organizations first began... read more

Immediate Benefits Experienced with Automated Interview Scheduling

Automated Interview Scheduling Benefits

Automated interview scheduling is the top recruiting technology investment in 2018, in part because it creates immediate time-saving benefits.1 But, not all solutions are created equal. When automated interview scheduling applications are integrated with video interviewing software, they deliver many distinct advantages for both recruiters and candidates: Improves the candidate experience. Automated interview scheduling eliminates... read more

Reinvent Your Interview Process and See Results

Reinventing the interview

Across the globe, TA teams are doing interviews differently. “Reinventing the interview process” was identified as a top hiring trend in LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 report, and recruiters are changing more than just questions. According to the report, traditional interviews are failing both candidates and employers on many fronts. We’ve rounded up some innovative... read more

New Year, New Job. Does Your Candidate Experience Cut It?

It’s that goal-setting time of the year again, and “find a new job” tops the New Year’s resolution list for many. Job searches spike in January, according to Monster.com, and passive candidates who’ve been sluggish in job searches or waited for an end-of-year bonus are now free to make a move. For organizations in hiring... read more