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Is There a Better Way to Interview?

Changing talent markets, the shift of power to candidates, and digitization in today’s business environment have reduced the success of traditional talent acquisition processes. Organizations are searching for new ways to adapt and interview more effectively and many are asking, “Is there a better way to interview?” Technology Supports a Better Way to Interview Innovative... read more

What is a One-Way Interview?

One-Way Interviewing

The term one-way interview describes a new interview method enabled by technology. Employers use one-way interviews to accelerate the hiring process, improve recruiter efficiency and engage candidates with a convenient, flexible interaction. They are also called on-demand or pre-recorded interviews. How One-Way Interviews Work One-way interviews allow candidates to record their responses to a short... read more

Reinvent Your Interview Process and See Results

Reinventing the interview

Across the globe, TA teams are doing interviews differently. “Reinventing the interview process” was identified as a top hiring trend in LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 report, and recruiters are changing more than just questions. According to the report, traditional interviews are failing both candidates and employers on many fronts. We’ve rounded up some innovative... read more