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What is Modern Interview Management?

Modern Interview Management

Recruiters are managing interviews differently these days – they have to. Traditional hiring workflows are outdated in our online, mobile world, and they don’t align with modern candidates’ preferences for digital hiring interactions. Modern interview management is a new, single-solution technology-enabled approach to talent acquisition that facilitates a more personalized, branded candidate experience and accelerates... read more

Interviewing Techniques for Modern Candidates

interviewing techniques

The interview is still one of the most critical steps in the hiring cycle, but traditional methods don’t get the job done as well anymore. Have you thought about refreshing your interviewing techniques for today’s candidates? It could improve your hiring results. Modernize Your Interviewing Techniques Your interview has considerable impact on your candidates’ decision-making... read more

Is There a Better Way to Interview?

Changing talent markets, the shift of power to candidates, and digitization in today’s business environment have reduced the success of traditional talent acquisition processes. Organizations are searching for new ways to adapt and interview more effectively and many are asking, “Is there a better way to interview?” Technology Supports a Better Way to Interview Innovative... read more

Train Hiring Managers How To Interview

Train Hiring Managers How To Interview

You’ve learned the ins and outs of interviewing, and you’ve interviewed hundreds if not thousands of candidates. That’s not where your hiring managers are, though. Most of their skills and expertise are specific to their department’s business function, not hiring. And, if they only do a few interviews a year, they don’t get much practice.... read more