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Importance of Your Healthcare Candidate’s Verbal Skills

In this digital age, when texts and emails often replace a phone call, employers now value verbal communication as the most important skill in job candidates. NACE’s latest Job Outlook reports that employers rated verbal communication skills above teamwork and the ability to make decisions and solve problems, the two skills that tied for the top spot in 2015.... read more

Healthcare Hiring: Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Hit the Target

Mention the word “healthcare” in the context of recruiting and talent acquisition, and the conversation immediately turns to the nursing shortage. True, hiring nurses is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare recruiters: In February of last year, WANTED Analytics found more than 324,000 online job openings for registered nurses alone, a 34% year-over-year increase.... read more

Warning Signs Healthcare Candidates Watch for in Hiring

Here’s a healthcare staffing trend that’s often overlooked: Turnover rates in hospitals have risen steadily for the past several years, climbing to 16.5% at the end of 2014.  Survey sponsor NSI Nursing Solutions Inc. also reports that hospitals lose an average of $4.21 to $6.02 million when a bedside RN leaves. Take this in tandem with the extreme healthcare... read more