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6 Trends That Will Change Healthcare Recruiting in 2019

2019 Hiring Trends in Healthcare

Leading off in trends impacting healthcare recruiting in 2019 is, of course, the talent shortage. The inability to find qualified candidates isn’t a fresh challenge. In fact, the pressure keeps growing as the gap between open healthcare jobs and qualified candidates continues to expand. More than 90% of hospital executives say the healthcare talent shortage is... read more

3 Ways AI Can Set Your Healthcare Recruiters Up for 2019 Success

Healthcare Recruiter

What’s the true value of a high-performing healthcare recruiter? He handles eight of the top 10 most difficult occupations to fill. He works quickly and strategically within your organization’s large, complex structure and culture. He manages multiple priorities all day long, from leading the candidate experience to managing internal service delivery to meeting diversity hiring... read more

What’s the State of Diversity Recruitment in Healthcare?

Healthcare Diveristy

Despite having one of the most diverse workforces in the United States, diversity recruitment is still a priority for healthcare organizations. Eighty-four percent of healthcare leaders predict that by 2022, having their hospital’s workforce reflect the diversity of the community it serves will become a strategic goal. Already 22% of hiring managers have a diversity goal in... read more

The Importance of the Candidate Experience in Healthcare Recruiting

Healthcare recruiting

Think back to when you first got into healthcare recruiting – what about this job got you excited? Lots of recruiters choose healthcare TA because they enjoy getting to know people, or they find personal satisfaction in connecting great caregivers with the right opportunity. Recruiters are people-oriented, so it can be a little disconcerting when... read more

Hiring Nurses? Fill Those Positions Faster with Interviewing Technology

Experienced nurses are in high demand, putting pressure on healthcare recruiters to increase speed-to-hire and efficiency. To make strong hires though, recruiters must also create a quality hiring experience. Interviewing technology is a proven strategy for balancing speed, efficiency and a better candidate experience in hiring nurses. A Complex Hiring Challenge The number of registered... read more

The Changing Role of Healthcare Human Resources #ASHHRA17

healthcare hiring

The schedule at next month’s American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) conference in Seattle is packed with valuable sessions on every aspect of HR in healthcare. What caught my eye was the theme: The Changing Role of Healthcare Human Resources. There’s no debate that with the constant shifting in patient populations, workforce demographics,... read more

NAHCR: New Ways to Beat Old Problems in Healthcare Hiring

So much is changing in healthcare, and yet when it comes to recruiting, the talent shortage continues to dictate the way so much of how hiring happens. We’re looking forward to the National Association for Health Care Recruitment’s (NAHCR) 2017 IMAGE Conference July 11-14 as a source of new ideas for combatting this persistent problem. Some of these... read more

Why Video Chat Tools Don’t Get the Job Done in Healthcare Hiring

Many of our healthcare clients have something remarkable in common: They’ve tested the waters of video interviewing with Skype (or similar video chat tools), and quickly moved to a purpose-built solution. Why is this? Simply put, general video chat tools are not designed to solve the challenges of healthcare hiring.  The travel savings are there, but it’s... read more

Handling the Unpredictability of Healthcare Hiring Today

Despite the best efforts at forecasting, when you’re a healthcare recruiter, you’re dealing with the volatile workforce needs of your hospital or organization. You may be tasked with hiring 200 nurses within a few weeks, or expanding your call center staff by 300 with little to no lead time. And, while these high-volume projects come... read more

Handling the Double Standard in Healthcare Hiring

Many of our clients are in healthcare here at Montage – it turns out video interviewing is extremely well suited to the healthcare industry. We know they’re celebrating the important role nurses play during National Nurses Week, which runs through this Thursday. We’d like to shine the spotlight on some of these clients by sharing ways they... read more