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Hit All 3 Cs in Order to Captivate Millennial Job Candidates

There’s so much out there these days on millennials in the workforce it’s hard to know what is real and what is just plain conjecture! As a parent of two millennials and a frequent teammate with younger employees, I’ve seen these guys in action. In my experience, they are earnest, well-meaning and capable of incredible... read more

Video Interviewing Helps Create Candidate Engagement

One of the most interesting revelations is how job seekers use the site’s information: Nearly 50% visit Glassdoor.com before they start looking for top employers, and about 22% use it after they’ve viewed an employer’s job posting. That means a good majority of your candidates already have some ideas in mind about your company before... read more

Video Interviewing Meets Recruiters’ Dream: No More Scheduling

A lot of recruiters today are thanking their lucky stars that their company chose Montage’s video interviewing solution, as our engineering team has developed some cutting-edge features to make their lives easier. Always striving to understand the recruiter’s world, our product innovation and development team focused on one of the most burdensome parts of the recruiter’s day:... read more

Importance of Your Healthcare Candidate’s Verbal Skills

In this digital age, when texts and emails often replace a phone call, employers now value verbal communication as the most important skill in job candidates. NACE’s latest Job Outlook reports that employers rated verbal communication skills above teamwork and the ability to make decisions and solve problems, the two skills that tied for the top spot in 2015.... read more

Smile: Living the Brand. Supporting the Brand Promise

One of my responsibilities here at Montage is to orient every new employee with our messaging certification process. That’s right: every new employee. Not just the sales or client-facing parts of the team, but everyone, and we have not wavered on this commitment as we have grown. At Montage, we believe that no matter what role you have –... read more

5 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience without Spending Money

You and your hiring team have been working to improve your candidate experience for some time now. What your candidates see, hear and feel during your hiring process is almost where you want it, but not quite. Like a good recipe, it just needs an extra pinch of something to take it from every-day to outstanding.  We’ve... read more

Recognize these 4 Candidate Types? Win Them All with Video Interviewing

Recruit for long enough and you begin to see similarities in the candidates pushing through your pipeline. We all have our differences, but there may really be only a few types of people (specifically 5 or 7 or 16 depending on which personality test you like).  Working in the HCM space, I’ve noticed job candidates... read more