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With Video Interviews, One Size Doesn’t Fit All


All over the world, at all hours of every day, job seekers are participating in video interviews. The technology has spread widely as TA leaders recognize it improves their candidate experience and accelerates quality hires. But, here’s a little secret: Video interviews aren’t always the right choice. TA Leaders and Recruiters Have Options Video interviewing... read more

What are Recruiters Saying About Video Interviewing?

What are Recruiters Saying About Video Interviewing

When organizations implement video interviewing software, recruiters are typically the principal users of the technology. Now that a majority of large enterprise organizations have integrated these platforms in their hiring workflows, recruiters have a lot to say about the technology and their experience with it. Recruiters who participated in LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends study... read more

How Video Interviewing Software Can Make Recruiters More Efficient & Strategic

Video Interviewing

At any one time, recruiters in large enterprise organizations are typically trying to fill about 40 open requisitions, which means they’re working with hundreds of candidates. Today’s video interviewing software automates certain recruiting tasks to help talent acquisition professionals become more efficient in hiring. Handling Recruiters’ Administrative Work A surprisingly large amount of a recruiter’s... read more

Do Candidates Like Video Interviewing?

Do Candidates Like Video Interviewing?

Candidates are being asked to participate in video interviews as organizations in many industries adopt the technology for hiring. Use of video interviewing solutions is changing the hiring experience for candidates. They may be asked to participate in a live interview via video, or record their answers to a set of video, voice-only or text... read more

What is Video Interviewing?

What is video interviewing

Video interviewing enables talent acquisition teams to use digital technology for job candidate interviews. Though some companies use video conferencing or free chat tools, large enterprise organizations use purpose-built technologies to improve speed to hire, increase recruiter efficiency and engage candidates faster. Video interviewing is a top-five recruiting technology investment in 2018.1 Types of Video... read more

Video Tech Helps Solve Strategic Struggles in Recruiting

ATC will highlight an interesting theme at its 2017 Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney this June: The Humane Recruiter. It’s about recruiters’ pursuit of candidate engagement and a great candidate experience, with technology as a key driver – not a barrier – in this quest. We see this theme validated at Montage every time an... read more

Stop! Think! 5 Reasons to Make Video Interviewing Your Priority Today

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We’re in the business of making our clients’ hiring better and their recruiters’ jobs easier. As I’m talking with TA professionals who genuinely see the benefits of purpose built video hiring, from time to time I get an email like this: “I have not had 5 minutes to think about this proposal since we met.  We just... read more

Ways That You Can Break Up That Hiring Bottleneck

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Recently, studies have shown that the average time to hire is on the rise in the U.S.  Heavy workloads, collaborative TA processes and other factors may be adding time to your hiring bottleneck but, in this candidate-driven job market, can you really afford to be so poky? A recent study found that 47% of rejected job offers... read more

Competing Against Younger Job Candidates? How to Get Ahead.

If you’ve noticed what seems like a subtle shift in your company’s attention towards younger employees, it’s not all in your head. According to a new study, 64% of employees surveyed say their company is more focused on attracting younger people, while just 44% believe the focus is on attracting and retaining older workers. The study... read more