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Turn the Tide: 3 Ways to Hire Better for High Volume Hiring

3 Ways to Hire Better for High Volume

You’ve made it quick and easy for talent to apply to your organization. Now, you have a tidal wave of candidates to evaluate for a high-volume hiring req. While you’re struggling to find the qualified candidates in the sea, candidates are waiting too long for you to make contact. The better ones may be slipping... read more

How Do Your Employment Assessments Stack Up?


Digital technology is changing everything about employment assessments — when they are used, how they are delivered, and what it’s like to participate in one as a candidate. They’ve been modernized, and the transformation seems to have escalated their value. According to 2018 research commissioned by Montage, 77% of large-enterprise organizations (5,000+ employees) use employment... read more

Your Complete Guide to Seasonal Hiring in Retail

Seasonal Retail Hiring

With more than 7,000 store closings in 2017 alone, seasonal hiring in retail for this holiday season promises to be a whole new ball game. Many retailers have new customer service initiatives underway aimed at improving shoppers’ loyalty, while others have started recruiting earlier than ever for seasonal jobs. Last year’s hiring process may leave... read more