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Our enterprise-strength interview software brings RPO & global staffing organizations the staffing technology they need.

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Firms focusing on recruitment process outsourcing and contingent staffing differentiate through their own unique offerings. But all have in common the solution category: trust me, I can hire the right people faster, cheaper, and better than you can do it yourselves. And you do exactly that, tirelessly and reliably around the clock for clients worldwide. Whether focused on permanent placement as an RPO leader or contingent, non-permanent employees as a global staffing leader, Montage is a must-have technology that assists your success and makes your recruiters better.

With aggressive service level agreements in place, firms like yours continually strive for better measurements: faster fill times, more interviews, an improved interview-to-hire and offer-to-acceptance ratio. Video interviewing contributes to your competitive environment:

  • On-Demand Video and Voice Interviewing: Nothing is more convenient for your client or your targeted candidate than an on-demand interview. Whether capturing video or voice recordings, candidates love the flexibility to complete the request on their own time. Your client and your recruiters connect effortlessly, sharing feedback on the best candidates, narrowing down the top choices in record time.
  • Mobility: Your hiring champions are on the go everywhere. Same with your candidates. Delays ruin your metrics and impact your bottom line. With a fully mobile interviewing platform, no one needs to wait. Location never impedes speed and progress toward placement.
  • Automated Scheduling: Built seamlessly into Montage, your recruiter sets up scheduling slots in record time, connecting top candidates with you or your end client. Both enjoy the fast-paced process as it keeps them engaged and makes you look like a hiring super-power.
  • Candidate Experience: Hiring is what you do for a living, so your hiring process needs to live up to certain expectations. Montage creates a warm, friendly atmosphere through our video and voice interviewing platform because we built our solution with the candidate in mind. Our ongoing research shows us that we are on the right track. 98% agreed our technology was easy to use and 98% agreed that the employer looked innovative because of our software (read their feedback here).  
  • Speeding Up the Process: These elements above and more point to speeding up the process. Video and voice interviewing simply gets the right information out sooner and connects the right people faster. When you are juggling many candidates, clients, and hiring managers, speed is the answer to so many challenges.

Are you an RPO firm or global staffing supplier looking for a video and voice interviewing partner? We would love to speak with you.

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