Speed to Hire

Speed to Hire

The speed to hire the best talent, organizations need to move faster, reach further, and impress top candidates with the maturity of their process.

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Success Stories

Show me the proof! Download to read success stories from Montage clients who showcase different uses and successful adoption within large enterprise & healthcare organizations.

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Greater Effectiveness

The Cross Country Healthcare team had a goal - make the process from candidate submission to placement as seamless as possible.

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Savings & Candidate Experience

National health insurance provider sees $6M annual savings with video interviewing and has won 3 Candidate Experience Awards.

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Environmental Services

With 21 million customers throughout the US and Canada, this Fortune 500 company has a wide range of hiring needs.

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On-Demand Text Interviewing

Candidates complete interviews in minutes, not days with on-demand text interviewing.

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Reducing Time to Fill

With 70,000 positions to fill each year, HCA’s talent acquisition team concentrates on efficiency and candidate experience to deliver quality hires.

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Improved Interview Success

Global courier delivery service company improves interview success with Montage.

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Automated Scheduling

Answer 3 questions and discover the time-saving possibilities with automated scheduling.

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State of AI in Talent Acquisition

AI is revolutionizing the way people do their jobs across industries. Early adoption of the technology is creating efficiencies and empowering professionals with new tools, while consumers are seeing faster, better brand interactions.

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Why Automated Interview Scheduling is the Hottest Recruiting Tech of 2019

Discover how automated interview scheduling can elevate your brand and make it rise above the competition.

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Reducing Candidate Screening Time

Find out how Waste Management reduced candidate screening time from days to hours with Montage.

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Video Interviewing


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