Modern Candidate

The Modern Candidate

Meeting the expectations of the modern candidate can be tricky, but by incorporating technology into the hiring process, your organization will stand out.

Follow our resources for tips surrounding a hiring process targeted towards the modern candidate.

Winning Candidate Experience

A growing number of CandE Award-Winning organizations use some type of video interviewing.

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What's Hurting Your Candidate Experience

4 ways a single solution can drive better hiring results.

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Success Stories

Show me the proof! Download to read success stories from Montage clients who showcase different uses and successful adoption within large enterprise & healthcare organizations.

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Does the interview experience matter?

Find out what top talent says about their hiring experience.

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A modern, technology-enabled hiring experience is vital in winning the race for better candidates. Discover how artificial intelligence in hiring will change the way organizations engage, interview and hire.

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Healthcare Recruiters Say ...

With talent acquisition challenges at every turn, healthcare organizations need video interviewing more than most.

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Cross Country Healthcare

The Cross Country Healthcare team had a goal - make the process from candidate submission to placement as seamless as possible.

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Savings & Candidate Experience

National health insurance provider sees $6M annual savings with video interviewing and has won 3 Candidate Experience Awards.

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Campus Recruiting

Ferguson Enterprises, large global employer, has an extensive campus recruiting program. They use Montage for video interviewing.

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Boost Your Hiring Success

Here are 10 free things any talent acquisition department can do to boost their hiring success.

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Company Culture

Wealth management firm R. W. Baird finds video interviewing key for efficient, superior hiring experience.

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Hire Volume Hiring

Northwell Health has used Montage to hire hundreds for the Pan Am Games, accomplishing high-volume hiring using innovative video interviewing technology.

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Quality of Hire

Alison Jones, Regional Talent Acquisition Director, at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) speaks of experience and quality of hire.

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Why Automated Interview Scheduling is the Hottest Recruiting Tech of 2019

Discover how automated interview scheduling can elevate your brand and make it rise above the competition.

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The Cost of a Poor Candidate Experience

Discover the true cost of having a poor candidate experience by filling out our calculator.

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Ultimate Guide to Campus Recruiting

How to Engage Young Candidates Faster and Hire Smarter

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Video Interviewing


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