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In a competitive talent market, the recruiter who engages top candidates the fastest often wins. Montage on-demand text interviewing gives you that power. Quickly connect and engage with candidates, and get the answers you need to identify top talent in hours, not days.

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Engage your targeted candidate community through social recruiting channels and immediately invite them into the hiring workflow. Or, with just a few clicks, invite hundreds or thousands of candidates to interview – and the only thing that candidates need to complete it is probably already in their hand.


Easily create or choose job-specific questions that fit the position. Ask text questions that only need a simple response, or use multiple choice. Candidates complete the interview in minutes - and you receive answers in hours, not days. It all leads to great efficiency and faster decision-making.


Review dozens of candidates in the time it would take to complete one phone interview. Quickly and easily find those candidates that meet your qualifications and invite them to the next stage.

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