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On-Demand Interviewing

On-demand interviewing allows you to accelerate the hiring process giving candidates the convenience to answer important questions on their own time.

On-Demand interviews can range from a simple automated text exchange to a phone call all the way to a robust web-based interview workflow. The Montage On-Demand Solution provides the market’s most flexible and comprehensive to solve the complexities of enterprise hiring.

On-Demand Text Interviewing

In a competitive talent market, your recruiters need to engage top candidates fast. Montage on-demand text interviewing gives you that power. Quickly connect and engage with candidates, and get answers to simple, qualification questions to help identify top talent in hours, not days.

Montage’s chatbot facilitates on-demand text interviews. Our chatbot has been trained to engage candidates using natural language processing. Our chatbot is constantly being refined via machine learning through millions of interactions as candidates for all types of jobs respond to simple qualification questions.

The Solution to:

  • High volume candidate management
  • Quick qualification of candidates
  • Campus recruitment/Call center hiring


  • Experience a 94% response rate. Candidates respond in hours, not days.
  • Convenient and easy
  • Recruiters spend more time on candidates who meet qualifications
On-Demand Text

On-Demand Voice Interviewing

An on-demand voice interview helps your recruiters effectively reach large volumes of potential candidates through the simplicity of an automated phone call to answer pre-recorded questions. Candidate responses are recorded, making it easy to forward to hiring managers for review.

The Solution to:

  • Entry-level hiring
  • Call center hiring
  • Industrial/manufacturing hiring


  • Quickly evaluate verbal communication skills
  • Extended candidate reach
  • Increased collaboration between recruiter and hiring manager
With recorded phone interviews, we’re not only able to offer more flexibility to hiring teams and candidates, we’re also cutting back time spent in round one interviews alone. The resulting time savings is incredible – with the substantial added benefit of improved experience.
Talent Acquisition Director, Humana
On Demand Voice

On-Demand Video Interviewing

Allow candidates to put their best foot forward, while increasing recruiter efficiency using our on-demand video interviewing. The recruiter can invite candidates to complete an on-demand video interview via email containing a link to a branded foyer or via text message. Questions provided to candidates are fully configurable based on the type of question and how you’d like the candidate to respond. Then, candidates record their responses using a webcam or mobile device at a time that works for them. The recorded responses are instantly shared with the recruiter and/or hiring manager who can review, evaluate and share recordings at their convenience.

The Solution to:

  • All hiring types (entry level to C-suite)
  • An integrated interview & assessment experience
  • Identify soft skills with a mix of question/answer types
    • Question Types: video, audio, image, text
    • Answer Types: video, audio, text, multiple-choice, multiple-select, fill-in-the-blank, code


  • Increase candidate reach and remove geographic boundaries
  • Accelerate time to hire
  • Better compliance and consistency - all candidates are asked the same questions and are rated on the same scale
On-demand video makes it so much easier for us than the traditional ‘schedule this, schedule that’ process we had always relied on. Now, everyone has more flexibility - recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.
Deane Osner, Senior Talent Acquisition Operations and Recruiting Manager, Shaw Industries
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Hiring Assessments

The Montage platform allows for clients to present a combined interview and assessment experience (through our on-demand video interview platform) leveraging industry-leading and proven assessments. By partnering with validated and dedicated assessment vendors, we use applicable science to help determine candidate fit.

Available assessment types include:     〉 Personality     〉 Competency     〉 Work-Style     〉 Technical/Coding

The Solution For:

  • All hiring types (entry level to C-suite)
  • Integrated interview & assessment experience
  • Identify candidates with the right cultural/skill fit


  • A better candidate experience with fewer steps and different technologies
  • Quickly identify better quality candidates, faster using proven applicable science

Live Interviewing

As the single solution, we partner with you to build the candidate experience that is right for you and your brand. We understand that not all hiring processes fit within an on-demand option.