Live Interviewing

Live Interviewing

Montage began by providing live video interviewing as one of its core applications. Today, our platform has evolved to support any and all types of live interviews, from phone screens, video interviews, final in-person interviews, all the way to large-scale recruiting events.

In order for any type of interview to take place, it has to be scheduled. Montage helps ease the administrative burden of scheduling in a number of ways. Montage helps ease the administrative burden of scheduling by letting candidates select the interview time that works best for them. Once the interview is scheduled, Montage helps improve the candidate experience by providing opportunities for communication and candidate interview preparation. For interviewers (recruiters/managers/team members), Montage provides easy, real-time feedback mechanisms, leading to better collaboration and accelerating the path to your next quality hire.

Automated Scheduling

With our Artificial Intelligence driven scheduling assistant or our event manager, Montage automates scheduling and dramatically reduces the time spent coordinating interviews. This gives your recruiters valuable hours back into their day. Setting up scheduling requests takes minutes, instead of hours of phone tag.

Montage’s AI-driven scheduling assistant interacts with candidates, hiring managers and recruiters using natural language processing via email and text to quickly schedule a convenient interview for candidates.

Quickly and automatically gather availability from your interview team. Organize one-on-one, panel interviews or recruiting events in a few simple steps. In our events module, candidates are presented with available time slots and are empowered to schedule their interview for a time that works for them. Eliminate the back and forth by allowing candidates to reschedule their interviews as needed. Recruiters can also coordinate live interviews, efficiently building an interview schedule for candidates.

The Solution to:

  • Schedule phone, video, in-person interviews
  • Schedule one-on-one, group, panel, sequential interviews
  • Schedule recruitment events & campus hiring events/job fairs


  • Eliminates the back and forth
  • Gives candidates control
  • Shows candidates you value their time by providing them with flexibility and convenience
  • Reduces time to fill
Automated Scheduling

Live Voice Interviewing

Phone interviews are a necessary but time-consuming part of the hiring process. Using Montage's live voice interviewing, recruiters can schedule, administer, rate, record and share phone interviews effortlessly through one platform, reducing the time to fill positions.


  • Support for all hiring types
  • Improved collaboration through recording and sharing capabilities
  • Support for both recruiters and managers

The Solution to:

  • Quickly evaluate verbal communication skills
  • Provide better documentation and feedback from hiring teams
  • Extended candidate reach
Candidates who use Montage tend to be more interested in the opportunity and more confident when they come in for their face to face interview. It really is a fabulous thing.
Colleen Diercksen, Penn Medicine’s Director of Talent Acquisition Operations

Live Video Interviewing

Live video interviewing provides face to face, real-time interaction or conversation with candidates. Video interviews can be one-on-one or panel style. A live link to a branded foyer is included in each interview invitation, keeping your candidates engaged from the time they are scheduled to the time of their actual video interview. The live video interviewing guide is available on screen, for real-time collaboration between interviewers.

The Solution to:

  • Campus, professional, and executive hiring
  • Global or out of area recruitment (prior to travel)
  • Support for dispersed or remote hiring teams


  • Reduce travel costs
  • Increase candidate reach and remove geographic boundaries
  • Accelerate time to hire
  • Better candidate experience
I’m technologically challenged, so honestly I wasn’t looking forward to this process, but now that I’ve done it – oh my goodness – I’m in love!
Corporate Recruiter, Humana
Video Interviewing

Live In Person Interviewing

An in-person interview is an important stage of almost every hiring process, often determining which candidate is the best fit for a role. When scheduling an interview, it’s usually a few days out. Not to mention, they are most likely interacting with other companies at the same time. A live link to a branded foyer is included in each interview invitation, keeping your candidates engaged from the time they are scheduled to the time of their actual interview. This branded foyer can also host intro videos, directions to the office, what to expect … all improving your candidate experience.

During your in-person interview, the interview guide, containing questions determined ahead of time, captures feedback real time. This also provides an easy solution for sharing feedback with the hiring team.

The solution for:

  • All in-person or final interviews
  • Multiple use cases including high volume season hiring to C-Suite multi-day interviews
  • Group or event based interview events


  • Increased collaboration thru the ease of sharing candidate evaluations
  • Helps ensure compliance by creating a consistent, compliant interview experience for all candidates
  • Improves quality of hire
In-person Interview

On-Demand Interviewing

Montage on-demand interviewing offers flexibility, convenience, and a better candidate experience.