Security and EEOC Compliance

World-class security and compliance gives peace of mind.

Montage created the most mature interviewing technology solution for the largest employers on the planet. Therefore, we prioritized world-class security and compliance. Our policies and procedures are grounded in ISO 27001 standards, continuously updated based on industry best practices. And all our servers are hosted in SSAE-16 audited facilities.

  • Enterprise-Strength Security
    complianceJust as an in-person interview would take place in a secure, private environment, Montage maintains that confidentiality. All participant personal data transmits over the network using state of the art encryption methods stored in secure environments with - at minimum - five levels of redundancy in SSAE-16 environments. Montage’s servers are protected by state of the art firewalls, constantly monitored for denial of service attacks and unauthorized intrusions past Montage’s multi-factor authentication mechanism. Regular penetration tests and application security reviews ensure data is safe and sound.
  • Compliance and Data Protection
    Montage’s data protection policies reflect Montage’s global reach. Our policies ensure that our solution protects data according to a host of global regulatory requirements, including EEO, AA, and the Privacy Shield framework. 
  • Reassurance for IT
    As part of our commitment to meet the complex needs of our clients, Montage intentionally created a video interviewing solution that is network friendly and secure. We understand the challenges faced by enterprise IT organizations responsible for managing bandwidth. Therefore, we specifically designed our video interviewing platform to provide a user-friendly interview experience while minimizing network bandwidth usage.
  • Video Interviewing and the EEOC and OFCCP
    We understand that compliance is a necessity for our clients. We have worked diligently with outside counsel and the EEOC to better understand the rules and regulations defined by the EEOC and OFCCP as it relates to interviewing technology.  In fact, we commissioned a white paper on this topic that explores the ways video and voice interviewing contribute toward diminishing risk of discrimination.

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Conference & Chat Tools compared to the Montage Video Interviewing Solution

  • Montage has higher performance
  • Better candidate experience with Montage's solution, purpose-built for hiring
  • Global-level security

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