Ease of Use

Creating smiles through our easy-to-use technology.

We have designed our technology with ease of use in mind for every participant in the hiring process. 

easeofuseRecruiters: Many HR technologies come and go in a recruiter’s day so ease of use is our top priority to quickly win over skeptical or hesitant recruiters. The time savings and efficiency usually sink in first. Then they realize the impact on their success as a recruiter and ability to bring better quality candidates in front of the hiring manager.  This creates adoption and momentum, transforming the hiring process.

Hiring Managers: By design, the hiring manager has nothing to learn and nothing to log into. The easier we make it, the faster the recruiter receives feedback and succeeds in placing a new hire. If the hiring manager can click on a link, they are fully ready to be a consumer of Montage and our video and voice interviewing platform.

Candidates: We strive to make Montage easy for your candidates to use and represent themselves in the best light possible. Their experience is a direct reflection on you, your employer brand, and impacts their desire to work for you. Video interviewing from Montage improves your candidate experience. We have proven it many times over.

Sponsors: And, we can’t forget our commitment to the corporate sponsor who champions video and voice interviewing for the organization. Working together to transform the hiring experience is hard work, but we approach it with proven processes and a committed sense of partnership.  Yes, we strive to have a big impact, but we achieve it painlessly. Implementing video interviewing technology with us does not entail a lengthy implementation process. We will not disrupt your team. As our key client sponsor from Humana put it, “Silence is a wonderful indicator of success!”  Click here to read more about this client success.

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“Montage was a great tool to use – easy to login, easy to call in using the conference line, great voice/video streaming “ - Hiring Manager in Australia from CA Technologies, meeting a candidate in Michigan

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