Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is our #1 focus.


The truth is, most candidates will not become new hires. Yet they should exit the hiring process feeling seen, heard, and – most importantly – treated fairly. The large employers we work with have a challenge when such a small number of those who apply for a job actually have a conversation with a recruiter. Imagine the hidden talent in those numbers. Video and voice interviewing through Montage help bring top candidates to the forefront. 

For those who become new hires, we know that the path to engagement, loyalty and longevity begins pre-hire. Every interaction matters which includes our video interviewing technology. Montage is an extension and reflection on your hiring process, so we make certain we enhance the candidate experience through:

  • Easy-to-use technology, with friendly, easily accessible live support 24/7.
  • A two-way interaction that creates a seamless experience with the employer.
  • The chance to re-record and fully control the interview submission – when using on-demand video.
  • Flexibility through scheduling and mobile convenience.
  • Support to help each candidate stand out and shine through the interview.

We measure job candidates’ experience through our technology every day. Over 25,000 people have participated in our survey and the results are a constant reinforcement that we are doing video interviewing right. They believe the interaction with video or voice interviewing is easy. And, they believe you, the employer, are innovative because of using this technology as part of the process. Read more.

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