Hourly employees often work shifts and get paid a premium for evening/weekend hours. The positions can range from seasonal to part-time or full-time with an option to earn overtime pay. Industries that often hire in high-volume include: service industries like hospitality, retail, transportation, and manufacturing. Employers in business sectors such as construction, healthcare, and retail financial services sometimes offer to pay a premium rate for hourly employees with specialized skills in order to attract top talent and fill positions quickly. But what are candidates searching for in today's market? Candidates want to be considered for a job faster, and to see why you're their best choice in employers. They prefer to self-schedule based on their own availability. As an employer you need to identify potentialtop-talent and make the job offer faster than the rest of the market. Montage can help.


Regeneron saw a 200%+ increase in intern hiring with the same recruiting team with Montage.


✓ Reduce time-to-fill

✓ Extend candidate reach

✓ Improve quality of hire

✓ Elevate your brand

✓ Improve collaboration

In a time when candidates have technology at their fingertips and plenty of job options, employer need to act quickly. By incorporating different aspects of interview technology such as texting, on-demand video, and self-scheduling into your hourly and high-volume hiring, you shine the spotlight on the tech-savvy nature of your company. A high-tech, high-touch hiring experience meets candidates’ expectations and indicates that you value their time.

Enterprise hiring is complex. You need a strong leader and a single solution. Choosing tech that can support 100% of your hiring needs will set you apart from your competition.

Our AI-enabled interviewing platform accelerates hiring and support smarter decisions at every stage in your hiring workflow.


All of these solutions are integrated in our end-to-end interviewing platform to deliver speed, efficiency and flexibility in your hourly hiring workflows.

• Text Interviewing
• Self-paced Video Interviews
• Phone Interviews

• Auto Advancement
• Automated Scheduling
• Integrated Assessments


Move to job offers faster


Give candidates control


Give candidates control


66% of fedex’s nearly 80,000 job candidates selected an interview time within 24 hours with the help of Montage’s automated scheduling solution.


Do you have the bandwidth to advance qualified candidates?

Experienced, high-quality hourly talent is snapped up fast. Auto advancement moves candidates who can work specific shifts, prefer part-or full-time, or have the right skills through your process faster, so you can make job offers to the right candidates sooner. Here’s how it works: AI-enabled hiring assistant Mira scores responses to on-demand text interviews and automatically invites qualified candidates into the next step in hiring. Mira can also invite candidates at completion of an on-demand interview. Auto advancement reduces your time to fill, especially with seasonal and high-volume roles.

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With Montage, recruiters receive 30% more time back in their day.

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Have tens, hundreds or thousands of candidates to screen for your hourly roles or seasonal hiring? Use automated scheduling to get everyone’s interview on the calendar in just minutes. Candidates digitally select their most convenient interview time from those available and see that you’re moving to hire quickly. Automated scheduling updates calendars in real time, ensuring there’s no overlap or double-booking. Candidate response to this fast, simple, mobile experience is high, so you can reach deeper into your talent pool and reduce candidates’ wait between application and interview.

With 43% of the of the workforce being age 34 or younger, what are you doing to cater to the modern candidate?

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Quality of hire is essential in an hourly workforce, especially for customer-facing roles. Integrated assessments enable you to deliver a seamless, expedient candidate experience at scale while you gain data for smarter hires.

Cutting-Edge Science

Our assessments combine leading-edge artificial intelligence with over 15 years of predictive modeling to give you faster access to better talent.

Ultramodern Assessments

We combine realistic job previews with gamification,
simulation and validation in a modern hiring
experience that elevates your brand and lets candidates show you what they can do. Consider candidates for your hourly jobs faster and make more informed hiring decisions with integrated assessments.

Montage helped Wyndham reduce turnover by 13% resulting in $1.2M cost savings.

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Screen candidates via automated conversations


Complete interviews anytime, anywhere


Screen candidates from a single platform


Baird saw a 50% increase in candidate adoption over expected results with Montage.


Identify the candidates who can work your shifts, accept your hourly rate, or are available for seasonal jobs quickly with text interviews. Meet candidates where they are, with technology that’s already in their hands. Our AI-enabled text interview technology gives you the power to make these connections and focus on short-list candidates faster, so you can improve quality of hire and reduce your time to fill.


of candidates respond within 10 minutes

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Put qualified candidates into your hiring managers’ hands faster with self-paced video interviews. Candidates share their previous experience in video interviews they can complete on their schedule, and you share the recorded responses instantly with hiring managers. Your hiring team gains insights into soft skills sooner and can collaborate easily to accelerate job offer decisions. Self-paced interviews elevate your brand and give candidates the opportunity to be considered for hourly positions faster.

Humana used Montage on-demand interviews as a part of their pre-screening process which resulted in a $6 million cost savings year after year.

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For call centers, retail and some other hourly positions, voice interviews are still the most effective screening tool. With Montage, you have options. Invite candidates to complete a self-paced phone interview at their convenience, and you receive recorded responses for instant sharing and feedback from the hiring team. Or, use all the advantages of Montage’s platform for live phone interviews, from automated scheduling to recorded live interviews conveniently shared with hiring managers. Easily accessible for all candidates, voice interviews help you identify and hire quality hourly candidates faster.

With technology hiring solutions that engage candidates and ensure a better candidate experience, what can you accomplish?

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of candidates say the hiring process influences their decision to work at your organization

Why partner with Montage?

Quite simply put, its our maturity. The maturity of our focus, technology and approach. With over 16 years of proven experience, being built for the enterprise and having always been focused on the candidate - there just isn't anyone else on the market that can deliver you the better candidate experience.


We began as an interviewing technology company focused on the better candidate experience – and we still are today. Through our ability to continuously innovate and anticipate the enterprise hiring needs of our clients, we’ve expanded our platform capabilities. We’re the single solution that supports 100% of hiring needs – hourly, professional and contingent, allowing our clients to make faster, smarter hiring decisions.


Our technology enables speed, consistency and insight into your massive hiring ecosystems. We do this on a single platform that is trusted, secure and compliant. We’ve scaled to facilitate millions of interviews for hourly, professional and contingent positions each year in over 200 countries and territories and 20 languages. Our technology – it just works.


We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients. Our employees come to work every day because they genuinely want our clients to succeed. Technology is only 50% of the equation. The other 50% comes from the consistent application of best practices in change management and continuous improvement. We serve as the advisors our clients need to maintain their advantage in all types of hiring.