Hiring Manager Experience

Transform the hiring experience and improve collaboration: simultaneously.


As a recruiter you cater to many “bosses.” Keep your hiring managers thrilled by using Montage for voice and video interviewing. It helps you and your hiring manager connect more successfully and fill that open role more quickly.

  • Understand. In today’s decentralized landscape, you may work cubicles away - or many states away - from the hiring manager. But that doesn’t mean you have to be removed from the inner workings of her team. Use Montage to join team meetings and understand the unique culture of this work unit. This face time helps recruiters and hiring managers get on the same page faster, surfacing great candidates.
  • Notes? No Way. Typically, recruiters summarize the slate of best candidates by producing notes. But the video interviewing platform has built-in ways to streamline sharing. Hiring managers have the easiest interface: click on a link and enjoy meeting the best candidates. Rate, rank, and share feedback, no matter what device is handy: mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Urgency. It’s painful when a requisition is open and unfilled. The hiring manager is under pressure and the team is stretched thinner than normal. Speed is critical. But that hiring manager has to be certain she is selecting the right person. Surface the best candidates immediately and keep the momentum going.
  • The More the Merrier. Most large companies today hire carefully. They believe in a consensus-driven model allowing many to weigh in on the hiring decision. All of that can lead to slow downs. But not when an interviewing technology like Montage is in place. You cannot afford to invite top candidates back again and again. They just won’t tolerate it. Video and voice interviewing is the simplest way to involve many decision makers but yet keep the pace of hiring moving along quickly.

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It was definitely an upgrade to what we have been using. It was easy to log on and connect, I had no technical issues. But what I LOVED is that 10 minutes prior to the start of the interview, Wendy was there to greet us.”  - Drury Hotels General Manager. Read the case study.