Vice President, Client Success

Sarah Doughty, Vice President, Client Success

Sarah Doughty, VP of Client SuccessAs Vice President of Client Success, Sarah Doughty provides executive oversight for building and growing new client partnerships and maximizing their ROI through change management and enhanced adoption of the Montage solution. Previously, Sarah was the Director of IBM Services at eCapital Advisors, where she led the organization in aggressive revenue and resource growth. Sarah’s background includes more than ten years in consulting services, leading teams through technical implementations and developing methodologies to drive scalable growth. Sarah earned a BS in marketing and information technology from Marquette University.

Q&A with Sarah

Q: What is it about your job that makes you want to come to work every day?
A: I lead a team that is responsible for enabling recruiters and hiring managers to achieve a true hiring advantage. Recruiters are challenged to do a difficult job without being given the resources or time they need to accomplish it; they are often under-staffed, under-appreciated, and under-funded. The Montage solution and Client Success team help to make recruiters better at what they do and find the best talent. Montage saves recruiters and hiring managers time, and saves their organizations money. All of these benefits are provided to each of our clients, while at the same time allowing them to connect with their candidates more quickly in order to build a stronger connection with potential employees and help them win the war for talent.

Q:Which client implementation/adoption surprised you the most?
A: A few examples come to mind where clients have been especially progressive in their use of Montage and achieved significant benefits as a result. For example, Disney utilized our Open Invite capabilities to enable candidates to self-register for theme park auditions. Humana initially intended to use just one portion of the Montage platform for their hiring needs, but had such success that they expanded to utilize all three solutions of the Montage platform: on-demand, live interview and voice interview. In both of these situations, and for a number of other clients, Montage delivered such significant cost reduction and efficiency gains that the client organization expanded our relationship to achieve benefits across their organization.

Q. What do you think would surprise most people to learn about Montage?
A: One of the secrets to our success in providing great video technology is that we have an incredible team of people that come into our office in Wisconsin every day. This includes a compassionate, dedicated support team that is physically here 24/7 to help walk our clients and their interview candidates through any issues they may have or just to give them a little extra assistance and hand-holding if they are unfamiliar with video interviewing.  

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