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Greg Meyers, Vice President, Technology Strategy

greg-montage-headshot.jpgAs Vice President of Technology Strategy at Montage, Greg Meyers assits with product vision and is responsible for its underlying infrastructure. He has more than 30 years of experience developing and deploying complex software systems. Prior to joining Montage, Greg worked with such well-known Fortune 500 companies as GE Healthcare, where he was the product manager and lead software architect on General Electric Medical System’s Magnetic Resonance system; and IBM, where he was vice president of architecture and ASQ products. Previously, Greg was a founder of Palladio software, which was acquired by Rational Software, and later IBM. Greg earned a BS in biomedical engineering from the University of Iowa.

Q&A with Greg

Q: How have you witnessed recruiting technology change during your career?
A: About 20 years ago I was managing a team distributed across nine time zones. To build and make changes to the team, I had to fly between places like California and Toulouse, France. During one 3-year period, I travelled more than 1.5 million miles. As soon as video internet technology emerged, I was able to meet with more candidates irrespective of where they were, while saving time and money. But the greatest savings was the impact it had on my quality of life.

Q: How has technology impacted global operations? 
A: In the past, people have been leery of cloud based applications. But thanks to advanced technology and companies like Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft and Google, the availability of high-level security and reliability has transformed how businesses can operate internationally. This means Montage can quickly respond to global demand with high-speed performance and a global server network that allows compliance with the Privacy Shield framework and relevant European Union compliance and privacy laws.

Q. What’s the longest distance a Montage client has spanned via video interview? 
A: We have people from more than 180 countries that have participated in our interviews. We recently hosted a panel interview connecting people in the U.S., South America and India for a client who is expanding operations in those countries. I figure it would have cost the organization $20,000 in lost productivity and travel, and it would have required 56 hours of collective travel time for those people to meet without our technology.

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