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How Does Interviewing Technology Shape the Candidate Experience?

video interviewing & candidate experience

Global organizations say candidate experience has become their top priority as they seek competitive advantage in today’s challenging talent market.1  The capability of interviewing technology to help companies transform their candidate experience has made it a top-five recruiting technology investment for employers in 2018.2  Making Hiring More Candidate-Centric with Interviewing Technology When organizations first began... read more

7 Stats That Will Get You Interviewing Online

Interviewing Online

Thinking about adding interviewing technology to your hiring workflow? Though many organizations have already adopted this innovative technology, you’re not alone if you’ve waited to see its impact before making the investment. As interviewing platforms have matured, and HR continues its digital transformation, the time is right to modernize your hiring. The following stats may... read more

What are Recruiters Saying About Video Interviewing?

What are Recruiters Saying About Video Interviewing

When organizations implement video interviewing software, recruiters are typically the principal users of the technology. Now that a majority of large enterprise organizations have integrated these platforms in their hiring workflows, recruiters have a lot to say about the technology and their experience with it. Recruiters who participated in LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends study... read more

5 Ways to Work Smarter Using Your Interviewing Platform

Work Smarter

Video interviewing software can make your life easier, especially when your platform is purpose-built for hiring. However, though you know its functionality inside and out, there still may be a few “A-ha!” opportunities to save even more time or elevate your candidate experience even further. Check out these five tips and tricks to work even... read more

How Video Interviewing Software Can Make Recruiters More Efficient & Strategic

Video Interviewing

At any one time, recruiters in large enterprise organizations are typically trying to fill about 40 open requisitions, which means they’re working with hundreds of candidates. Today’s video interviewing software automates certain recruiting tasks to help talent acquisition professionals become more efficient in hiring. Handling Recruiters’ Administrative Work A surprisingly large amount of a recruiter’s... read more

What is a One-Way Interview?

One-Way Interviewing

The term one-way interview describes a new interview method enabled by technology. Employers use one-way interviews to accelerate the hiring process, improve recruiter efficiency and engage candidates with a convenient, flexible interaction. They are also called on-demand or pre-recorded interviews. How One-Way Interviews Work One-way interviews allow candidates to record their responses to a short... read more