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Recruiters Win Through Integrated Tech

Video and voice interviewing gets recruiters excited because it helps them gain back 30% of their time each day. You know what can make it even better for recruiters? Having the technology integrated into the applicant tracking system. It takes efficiency to another level.

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Montage's New Approach to Training Makes the News

Montage’s new approach to training made the news recently in an online story at Small Business Trends.  We introduced our new training format at the end of February, shifting from 90-minute sessions to shorter, more digestible sessions. The new format makes it easier for recruiters to retain the knowledge learned and to see ways they can utilize our video and voice interviewing technology to solve their specific, every-day challenges. 

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Recognize Your Team Players with Video Interviewing

According to NACE’s Job Outlook 2015 survey, employers want candidates who can solve problems, organize their work and communicate effectively. These findings may come as no surprise to people with experience in the world of work, and the same trend continues today. However, here is some news from this research: Employers said that the most important skill for candidates to have is the ability to work in a team structure. Work groups, project teams and cross-functional units are business-as-usual these days, creating a challenge for recruiters in finding the right team player for the job.  

Employers rate the ability to work in a team as a top priority for candidates. 

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Pushing Boundaries and Borders with Global Reach

When you get the word that your organization is exploring business options outside the U.S., the news may seem like a double-edged sword. Global expansion often signals enterprise strength, but the day-to-day details of hiring across borders can be daunting. For many of Montage’s global clients, a purpose-built video interviewing solution is an essential. It stretches the reach of talent acquisition teams while saving the time and expense of international travel. Despite being in different time zones, you can meet with candidates to assess fit before asking the most promising candidates to jump on a plane. You can also meet with hiring managers in face-to-face conversations that cement good working relationships across the miles.

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Purpose-Built: Choose the Right Solution for the Problem

As video interviewing gains more traction in hiring and talent acquisition, there is an increasingly-definitive line between video conference chat tools (like Skype, Zoom, etc.) and a purpose-built video interviewing solution for hiring (like Montage).  This line can often be blurred since some of the technologies are relatively new.  I want to give you a clear definition of "purpose-built," and why it is paramount when it comes to choosing your direction for video interviewing.

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How Krin Buran Eliminates Your Learning Curve

If you use a Montage video or voice interviewing application, you’ve probably met Krin Buran, at least via video. As Training Lead at Montage, Krin helps clients get up and running on the Montage platform. She virtually eliminates the learning curve with the world-class training included with our product. Since our technology is designed for ease of use, most clients only see Krin for a few hours. To offer up a behind-the-scenes look at Montage’s training capabilities, we recently did a Q&A: 

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Same Old Interview Questions? 5 New Ways to Ask Them

Skim through the results of a Google search on “top 5 interview questions,” and you’ll see the same questions show up time and time again. The list is probably very similar to the ones you use every day, and for good reason: They work.  But what if you could get more from candidates with these tried and true inquiries? Video interviewing technology makes it possible to get greater insight into your candidates by asking the same old interview questions in new ways.  Here’s how:

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Why Nan Marino is the Best Friend You've Never Met

Here at Montage, Nan Marino is Quality Assurance Lead and perhaps the best behind-the-scenes champion our clients will ever have. Why? Because the candidate’s impression of video interviewing is in her hands. Nan is passionate about software that works – she’s truly someone in love with her job. I recently asked Nan about her efforts to ensure every candidate has a positive experience when video interviewing or voice interviewing with our clients.

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How to Make Video Interviewing as Simple as the ABCs

As they say, some things are as simple as ABC. Video interviewing may be new to you as a job candidate or a hiring manager. We hope you’ll agree though, when it’s spelled out as follows, that the learning curve for this new best practice is “S” for small and straight.

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Oscar-Worthy Tips for Gold Video Interviews

Like millions of others, I watched the Oscars this past Sunday. I always do - I love the spectacle of it. And though every year’s ceremony is different, there are still those moments that happen again and again, year after year. If you’re getting ready for your first experience with video interviewing, there are lessons to be learned from these moments. You might be going for a new job and not a gold trophy, but here are some Oscar-worthy tips to make your video interview performance shine.

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