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Guest Blog: IQNavigator's Kevin Poll Forecasts a New, Blended Model for Hiring

Collaboration is the name of the game in business today. And while collaboration is a human mindset, there are new technologies helping us along as we shift our ways of thinking and interacting. At IQNavigator, we’re seeing convergence in the way companies hire and manage the permanent and contingent segments of their workforce. It’s a major business swing toward collaboration, and it’s being fueled by innovative technology.

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Video Interviewing Delivers Powerful Payoffs for RPO

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is poised to take off in 2015. Just two years ago, the industry generated nearly $2.25 billion in revenue in North America alone, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. More than a third of North American organizations are partnering with a RPO vendor already, and another 28% have plans to explore an investment in RPO over the next two years. RPO firms are gearing up to handle increasing demand, and are looking for ways to generate candidate engagement. Firms that create a positive, branded experience by integrating voice and video interviewing into their hiring process are seeing powerful payoffs:

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Will Video Interviewing Be the Tipping Point for RPO?

The RPO industry is poised for a breakthrough. Last year, industry research found that 73% of organizations surveyed planned to increase hiring, and more than 50% planned to increase their use of outsourced recruitment firms. It's likely those plans will continue in 2015 given current employment trends. However, 71% of companies also confirmed what RPO firms have already seen: The shortage of skilled candidates is a significant challenge. Given the increased hiring pressure, will outsourced recruitment firms be able to seize this opportunity to build client loyalty and sustained growth? Their adoption of video interviewing technology is likely to influence that answer.

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Video Interviewing 101: Recruiter Efficiency

"It saved me 25 minutes per prescreen." "I reach 30% more candidates than I did before." "I work more collaboratively with my hiring managers." "This shaved 10 hours off of my week."

These are the typical statements coming across my desk as quotes from our end users, the recruiters who enjoy the benefits of Montage each day as part of their recruiting job. Recruiters who begin to use video interviewing technology for the first time quickly discover that it can add to the quality of their work week.

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Visit Montage’s Innovation Station at HRO Today Forum April 30-May 2

Montage joins leading HR thinkers, practitioners, technologists and partners this week toHRO Today Forum share best practices at the 2013 HRO Today Forum in Philadelphia.  There’s still time to drop in on the 3-day event, or connect with conference learning on Twitter or videos on HRO Today’s website.

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Montage Video Interviewing: Built for RPO

One message resonates over and over with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) clients: they are so particular and exacting in their review of video interviewing platforms because the price of a mistake is so high. The cost of a bloated travel budget, time wasted during disappointing interviews, and hiring mistakes is obvious and contained. What’s not obvious - and what can build a reinforcing negative feedback loop - is the cost of a robotic or impersonal hiring process used for clients whose employer brand suffers with just one bad candidate experience. A negative candidate experience can have a multiplier effect on a client's employer value proposition.

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