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Job Candidates Prefer In-Person Interviews

Recent research from ManpowerGroup Solutions gets to the root of engaging job seekers with the overarching message "one size does not fit all." Hey, that's great reinforcement for why we exist! Here are a few of the research findings:

  • Candidates would rather be interviewed in person alone with the hiring manager than any other interview construct (phone, video, group).
  • Employers must tailor their interviewing methods and style to the talent profile they wish to reach.
  • >35% of candidates want more frequent interaction and more information from the employer during the hiring process
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Smile: Living the Brand. Supporting the Promise

One of my responsibilities here at Montage is to orient every new employee with our messaging certification process. That's right: every new employee. Not just the sales or client-facing parts of the team, but everyone, and we have not wavered on this commitment as we have grown.

At Montage, we believe that no matter what role you have – whether you are building a new feature for video interviewing or voice interviewing, helping a candidate at 2 a.m., selling the technology solution to a Fortune 500 buyer – we all need to be anchored in the same core content and messaging. I begin by sharing the history and evolution of our messaging and why we take it so seriously. It solidifies who we wish to be to the outside world and constantly reinforces to ourselves the Montage mission: to forever transform the hiring experience. Being consistent about our messaging and core value proposition is important as we differentiate ourselves in this living, growing business segment called purpose-built video and voice interviewing.

A good brand promise solidifies a company's external image and reinforces its mission with employees.

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Purpose-Built: Choose the Right Solution for the Problem

As video interviewing gains more traction in hiring and talent acquisition, there is an increasingly-definitive line between video conference chat tools (like Skype, Zoom, etc.) and a purpose-built video interviewing solution for hiring (like Montage).  This line can often be blurred since some of the technologies are relatively new.  I want to give you a clear definition of "purpose-built," and why it is paramount when it comes to choosing your direction for video interviewing.

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Is Skype Killing Your Candidate Experience?

We've always been big believers in the experience delivered to candidates and recruiters through our video interviewing technology, which has only grown better over the years. We have our own 2015 survey results from candidates who've had a Montage Interview as evidence:

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The Hidden Costs of Using a Free Chat Tool for Video Interviewing

You know that old saying, there’s no such thing as a free lunch? I've come to believe it's true. Sure, you can attend a free event, take a free test drive, or get your tap water analyzed for free, but there's a hidden cost in listening to a sales pitch. A huge cost even, when you can't get the guy to leave your house or he hounds you on social media for weeks afterward. As a consumer, I’ve become savvy to the point of asking myself, "It's free, yes, but do I really want it? What is the cost that's not immediately recognized?"

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5 Indicators Your Video Interviewing Needs Have Outgrown Skype

How many of Skype’s 250 million monthly users are HR professionals giving the concept of video
interviewing a try?  I’m not really sure, but I do know that most of them will find that consumer-grade video chat tools have their limitations when it comes to business purposes.

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"Skype In" to NOT Be There

I can't help but enjoy the pop culture "news" feed I often get on my drive into work. Today's update was unusually job-relevant for me because it was about Skyping in for a life-changing event. But instead of an endorsement of Skype, this reference was just the opposite.

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Greater emphasis on technology would improve employment landscape

The job market in 2013 is loaded with open positions and qualified applicants, but there's one problem - many of today's employment seekers lack the technology skills required to contribute to the corporate world at the highest level. Computers are rapidly changing the way the business world operates, as everything from cloud computing to Web publishing to mobile device technology is having an effect. Those who are adept with the changing ways of the modern world will succeed - but those who fail to adjust risk being left behind.

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Video chat or video interview: Which do you choose?

Those of us in the video interviewing software business love seeing stats that show the tremendous growth and acceptance of video interviewing. OfficeTeam's survey late last year revealed that 63% of HR managers said their company often uses video technology for interviews. This is up from 14% just a year before.  But, we have to wonder: Are they using video chat tools or a video interviewing solution? 

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Tech-Check Gets Participants Comfortable with a Video Interview

No matter how easy a new technology is to use, adopting it into an established process can create feelings of uncertainty, even when a team is excited to begin using it.  That’s why we love hearing comments like these from our clients:

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