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Agility's the Key for Large-Enterprise Hiring in 2017


Based on what we’re seeing and hearing from our clients, 2017 will be a year focused on increasing hiring agility within large enterprise organizations. A wide range of factors are driving this trend. For those in industries like healthcare and finance, continued M&A activities create urgent needs to integrate and re-align workforces across multiple locations. The challenge for global service and manufacturing organizations is being able to anticipate and respond to swiftly-changing markets. And, as new technologies emerge, many of our clients must hire new talent quickly to stay competitive. 

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Break Up That Hiring Bottleneck

Recently, studies have shown that the average time to hire is on the rise in the U.S.  Heavy workloads, collaborative TA processes and other factors may be adding time to your hiring but, in this candidate-driven job market, can you really afford to be so poky? A recent study found that 47% of rejected job offers were due to candidates accepting another job.  What if you’re losing out on top candidates because your competitors are scooping them up? If your talent acquisition could stand streamlining, there are many approaches you can take for improvement, including use of video interviewing technology.  Here are just three of the ways you can start to break up the bottlenecks in different parts of your hiring process:

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Reflections from the Strategic Talent Acquisition Event

I look forward to the HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition conference each year. It truly is the perfect storm of event elements. First, there's the Montage client panel up on stage with four very different companies with different brand identity challenges that tie nicely to video interviewing. Second, there's the exhibit hall with the Montage team and other "A" players from within HCM and HR Technology.

Montage clients shared their branding stories at HCI's recent STA event.

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The Most Mature Video Interviewing Solution Available

video interviewing

Recently, I overheard a marketing professional groan as he was starting some small talk with a group of people. He was reacting to the usual polite question, “So what does your company do?” He actually said, “I hate when I get that question. It’s so hard to explain what my company does, and no one ever gets it.” So, of course I perked up and wanted to hear the rest of the conversation. What could this company do that is so confusing? If this marketing professional can’t articulate his own company’s value proposition, then how in the world do they sell? I listened in to his explanation, and I have to say the guy was right: I didn’t understand what his company did at all. Was he selling a service? Consultation? Technology? It was really unclear to me.

Clarity in the Marketplace

The experience makes me think of Montage and how we have taken great care, time and investment to make sure we - every single employee - all understand our offering and can articulate it clearly to anyone who asks. We are comfortable with the content, and confident in the delivery.

Here’s how we say it: Montage offers the most mature video and voice interviewing solution available. We are purpose-built to transform the hiring process one smile at a time. We want everyone to understand very quickly that we are a video and voice interviewing technology company and that our area of focus and expertise is transforming the hiring experience for large enterprise clients. There are really three key parts to this statement: purpose-built (defined in this past blog post), maturity, and the notion of ‘smile.’ Let me dig into the maturity part now and cover smile in a future blog.

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Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring Best Practices Hiring for Large Enterprise Organizations

New Montage Research: 74% Expect Video Interviewing Use to Grow

New findings by Montage reveal video interviewing is mainstream, especially with large employers. Montage commissioned third-party research over the span of 18 months with talent acquisition professionals, which shows nearly 75% believe use of video interviewing will increase in the next 12 months. Their intent to purchase video interviewing is driven by a desire to speed up the hiring process and the limitations of generic tools like Skype.

Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring for Large Enterprise Organizations

Handle Seasonal High-Volume Hiring without Breaking

It’s crunch-time for Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, Kohl’s, UPS, FedEx and other organizations that count their hires by the thousands in preparation for the holiday season. Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas predicts retailers will add nearly 755,000 seasonal employees, including 280,000 by the big five mentioned above. If you’re UPS looking to expand your payroll by 95,000, how many candidates will you need in your pipeline to reach your hiring goal? With a 3:1 hiring ratio, you’ll screen at least 285,000 people. If 5:1 is more realistic, that candidate pool jumps to 475,000. Fortunately, Montage’s latest addition to its platform - voice interviewing - is designed to help TA professionals handle high-volume hiring scenarios like these without breaking.

Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring for Large Enterprise Organizations

Understand Candidates' Core Values with Video Interviewing

Fast Company published an exceptional article on workplace race relations in light of the Trayvon Martin verdict earlier this year. I particularly liked two of the author’s main points: 1) Companies with high levels of diversity are also industry leaders, and 2) there is a cost to subconscious discrimination. At Montage, we know diversity and inclusion are important to clients like Disney, Allstate, Manpower, Humana and many others. We’ve partnered with our clients to give them a permanent hiring advantage with video interviewing, and that includes supporting diversity andinclusion in their places of work.

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The Secret to Faster, Easier, Better Collaboration: Video Interviewing

Collaboration is an awesome word. It is the ideal combination of teamwork and communication, one of those Holy Grail states-of-being that businesses want to reach all the time. Specifically in HR and talent acquisition, collaboration is one of those things we know video interviewing helps to promote not just between two parties but between all the parties involved in the hiring process. In fact, video interviewing makes collaboration in hiring easier, faster and more effective.

Topics: Benefits of Video Interviewing Hiring Best Practices Hiring for Large Enterprise Organizations

Video Interviewing Fixes Flaws of Traditional Hiring Process

Let’s face it: The traditional way that companies hire is rich with flaws. I’m not usually one to focus on the negative, but as a professional who’s worked in the HR space for more than 20 years, I have a strong interest in improving the hiring process. Like any human process, hiring has its imperfections, but it’s worth the time to fix: It touches nearly everybody at least once in their lives, and it’s intensely human – we risk our personal and professional self-confidence every time we go through it.  Fortunately, video interviewing technology goes a long way toward fixing many of the common broken pieces of the traditional hiring work flow.

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Make Employee Referrals a Stronger Sourcing Channel, with Video Interviewing

What is the most effective sourcing channel for your organization? If you say employee referrals you’re in good company. A recent benchmarking report by HCM consulting firm Brandon Hall Group indicates that 51% of companies surveyed rated employee referrals as a highly effective source of quality candidates. Perhaps even more interesting is that employee referrals generated the only widespread agreement on what sourcing channels are effective. According to Brandon Hall Group’s Key Practices to Excel in Talent Sourcing, “Major job boards and company career sites, which were ranked as the second and third most effective sourcing channels, were ranked less than effective almost as often as they were rated highly effective.” This finding speaks volumes about the power of employee referrals. Video interviewing can help you leverage the potential of this priceless in-house resource simply and cost-effectively.

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