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Why Video Chat Tools Don't Get the Job Done in Healthcare Hiring


Many of our healthcare clients have something remarkable in common: They’ve tested the waters of video interviewing with Skype (or a similar chat tool), and quickly moved to a purpose-built solution. Why is this? Simply put, a general video chat tool is not designed to solve the challenges of healthcare hiring.  The travel savings are there, but it’s missing what’s needed to impact healthcare recruiters’ priorities: Offering a brand-elevating, mind-blowing candidate experience, and getting to the offer stage with the best talent faster.   

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Handling the Unpredictability of Healthcare Hiring

Despite the best efforts at forecasting, when you’re a healthcare recruiter, you’re dealing with the volatile workforce needs of your hospital or organization. You may be tasked with hiring 200 nurses within a few weeks, or expanding your call center staff by 300 with little to no lead time. And, while these high-volume projects come with their own set of challenges, they are made even more so when they are not expected.  Many of our clients are in the healthcare industry, and they’ve found a purpose-built video and voice interviewing platform can help them rise to the challenge of unpredictable high-volume hiring.

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Handling the Double Standard in Healthcare Hiring

Many of our clients are in healthcare here at Montage – it turns out video interviewing is extremely well suited to the healthcare industry. We know they’re celebrating the important role nurses play during National Nurses Week, which runs through this Thursday. We’d like to shine the spotlight on some of these clients by sharing ways they are solving a primary challenge in healthcare talent acquisition: The double standard in healthcare hiring.

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Why Your Healthcare Candidate's Verbal Skills Have Never Been More Important

In this digital age, when texts and emails often replace a phone call, employers now value verbal communication as the most important skill in job candidates. NACE's latest Job Outlook reports that employers rated verbal communication skills above teamwork and the ability to make decisions and solve problems, the two skills that tied for the top spot in 2015. In healthcare settings, employers make verbal communication skills a priority since increased communication by nurses has been linked to more positive patient outcomes and reduction in medical errors. To better evaluate job candidates’ verbal skills, many healthcare recruiters now rely on video interviewing technology as part of their hiring process.

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Hiring in Healthcare? Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Hit the Target

Mention the word “healthcare” in the context of recruiting and talent acquisition, and the conversation immediately turns to the nursing shortage. True, hiring nurses is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare recruiters: In February of last year, WANTED Analytics found more than 324,000 online job openings for registered nurses alone, a 34% year-over-year increase. However, healthcare recruiters have more than just nursing on their plate, and the skills they’re searching for are not always easy to evaluate. When recruiters need to identify candidates with specific, complex, non-clinical skills, video interviewing is an effective practice for reaching their hiring objectives.

Healthcare recruiters use video interviews to identify candidates with complex non-clinical skills.

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Warning Signs Healthcare Candidates Watch for in Hiring

Here’s a healthcare staffing trend that’s often overlooked: Turnover rates in hospitals have risen steadily for the past several years, climbing to 16.5% at the end of 2014.  Survey sponsor NSI Nursing Solutions Inc. also reports that hospitals lose an average of $4.21 to $6.02 million when a bedside RN leaves. Take this in tandem with the extreme healthcare talent shortage, especially in nursing, and it becomes clear that job candidates hold most of the cards in hiring. How can hospital recruiters respond most effectively? By looking at the hiring process through their candidates’ eyes, and watching for potential red flags that could turn candidates away.

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4 Need-to-Know Facts about Job Candidates in 2016

If I had to sum up this past year, 2015 would be The Year of Candidate Engagement. The focus in talent acquisition has expanded from offering a great candidate experience (so 2014) to wanting an active connection with job seekers. And in our quest to design strategies for engagement, and plan out what we want job seekers to know about our organization, it’s easy to lose sight of a simple fact: Engagement is a two-way street. If TA strategies for engaging job seekers don’t account for their preferences and behaviors, our best work won’t deliver on the goal. So as we prepare to engage candidates in 2016, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at how candidates searched for jobs this past year.

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Can Internal Hiring Help Healthcare Cope with Boomer Retirement?

Baby Boomers are retiring from the U.S. workforce in record numbers as about 10,000 hit age 65 each day. For healthcare organizations, the impact of this wave of withdrawal is particularly grim. Survey results released by AMN Healthcare Services Inc. indicate nearly two-thirds of registered nurses over age 54 are now considering retirement, and of that group, 62% plan to retire within the next three years.  Healthcare organizations are looking at every possible response for this critical workforce issue. Internal hiring, facilitated by video interviewing, is one approach with strategic value.

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Crunched for Time in Healthcare Hiring? Try Video Interviewing

At a time when healthcare organizations are counting every dollar spent, many must turn to external resources to fill nursing positions.  According to WANTED Technologies, staffing agencies recruited for 25% more registered nurses last year than in prior years,  and “registered nurse” was the top occupation for which employers are likely to outsource recruitment.  Meredith Amdur, President and CEO of WANTED Technologies, cited the “lack of internal recruiting time and resources” as a primary driver of this trend. Montage's video and voice interviewing platformpurpose-built for healthcare hiring, offers an alternative solution that can help TA teams bring nurse recruiting back inside their organizations.

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The Latest Pickle for Healthcare IT Recruiters

Nurses aren’t the only professionals on healthcare recruiters' Most Wanted list. Requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean many healthcare organizations must update various IT systems, and they need skilled IT professionals to do it.  According to WANTED Analytics, 80% of healthcare providers plan to hire IT staff in the next year.  And, 33% of the current healthcare IT job postings online are for “healthcare IT project manager,” a role rated 89 (with 100 being the hardest) on WANTED’s Hiring Difficulty Index. Recruiters will also have a hard time filling the 25% of healthcare IT job postings online that require SQL experience.

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